Thankful that no one was hurt, Weakley-Watson Hardware employees and members of the Jacobs family — the store’s owners — showed their good nature and good humor Friday afternoon after a car struck the front of the store.
    The store at 1414 Austin Ave. did not sustain major damage when a woman who was trying to park accidentally drove her car into the front doors.
    In August 2015, another woman accidentally drove an SUV through the front of the other business the Jacobs family owns — Jacobs Family Pharmacy on south Austin Avenue, a few blocks south of Weakley-Watson store. No one was injured in that incident but the damage was much worse.
    Weasley-Watson store manager Weston Jacobs estimated the woman in Friday’s accident to be in her late 60s. The accident happened around 2:30 p.m, when Jacobs estimated there were 10 to 15 people in the store.
    “She was coming in for brake fluid,” Jacobs said as he worked outside at making some preliminary repairs. “She had stopped and she was getting ready to put it in park, I believe, and she just panicked and hit the gas. She was tapping the brakes to see if they were working and panicked — came on through.
    “We just heard a really loud crash. We’ve got lots of stuff on the shelves and I thought maybe we had a shelf fall down.”
    Jacobs also heard the sound of glass shattering, and thought perhaps a pane of glass had somehow fallen out. “I came up there, and there was an Oldsmobile parked in the front aisle,” Jacobs said.  “No injuries, everybody was safe, thank the Lord. We’d been busy all day, and that was the one time of the day when people happened to not be in the front of the store.”
    The Jacobs family did not yet own the Weakley-Watson store when the SUV hit the Jacobs Family Pharmacy store in 2015. Jacobs was in college when that accident happened. “I did come home that weekend and help with the cleanup and all that sort of stuff,” Jacobs said.
    “It’s a little known fact that Jacobs are born with a magnet placed in the side of their hip and it brings cars to us.”
    Jacobs explained why he could make jokes about Friday’s accident.
    “Everybody’s all right,” Jacobs said. “The Lord blessed us without anybody getting hurt. A door’s a door. It’ll get fixed. She’s fine. We’re fine.”
    The store was preparing for a big sale Saturday, Jacobs said. “If you need a smoker cooker, we’ve got smokin’ hot deals and they’re bustin’ down the doors,” he said.
    Jacobs’ mother, Kerri Jacobs, was also at the store after the accident. Kerri Jacobs said she was not there when the accident happened. She just missed being at the Jacobs Family Pharmacy store, where her husband, Tim, and several employees were working when the SUV hit that building in 2015.
    “I had just driven off and was called to turn around and come back,” she said. “It happens. Unfortunately it’s just happened twice. … Deja vu, but deja vu in a good way, too. Nobody got hurt. As long as that’s the outcome, everything else can be fixed. It’s all good.”  
    Insurance agent Carter Sharpe was also present and looked over the damage. “I just came to help and see, and give a little guidance if need be,” Sharpe said. “Not much I can do except hold their hand, cry when they want to cry …”
    “You’re here for the ribs,” Weston Jacobs called out.
    “I’m here for the ribs,” Sharpe replied. “That’s right.” Sharpe also responded to the 2015 accident at Jacobs Family Pharmacy. “That one was a little more severe,” Sharpe said. “This is a pretty simple fix.”
    Jacobs walked to a smoker pellet cooker a few feet away and opened the cover, revealing a rack of ribs. “Here’s what you really need,” Jacobs said. “I cook out here most days just for fun. We sell these smoker pellet cookers. I just got addicted to cooking.”
     Jacobs said he didn’t stop cooking the ribs after the car hit the store. “There’s still important work to do here. I forgot about it for about an hour and a half while we were tending to this. … perfect ribs. You can get you some here in a minute.”
    Jacobs said the driver of the car that hit the store was “pretty shook up” but was able to leave with the brake fluid she’d come for.
    “She really wanted her brake fluid and we made sure to get her some,” Jacobs said. Someone from the store took a can of fluid out to the woman and gave it to her, Jacobs said.
    “She still needed brake fluid. She needed it worse than ever. We brought it to the car. I think we actually did give it to her. She was having a rough day.”