The City of Brownwood opened its splash pads at Allcorn, Mayes and Trigg city parks as temperatures climbed in excess of 80 degrees Saturday.

The splash pads will operate daily from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. free of charge, offering area children a fun, safe environment to get wet during the spring and summer.

“With us having them spread out through the city and close to the elementary schools, this gives kids in those neighborhoods a chance to come out and use these,” Brownwood Director of Parks and Recreation David Withers said. “There is no charge. We’re hoping, in the future, to add more amenities like pavilions and picnic tables and things like that. For now, this give kids the ability to have fun in the water.”

Each splash pad has its own unique design. The Allcorn Park splash pad, located at 1501 Indian Creek Drive near Woodland Heights Elementary School, is a 2,500-square-feet pad featuring 17 above-ground water elements including water cannons. The Mayes Park splash pad, at 2700 Austin Avenue near East Elementary School, is 2,000-square-foot with 20 water elements, but does not have above-ground equipment. The Trigg Park splash pad is similar to the Mayes Park pad, but with a different paint scheme.

Last May, the Brownwood City Council approved spending $551,732 for construction of the pads, which opened late last summer. Saturday marked the first time they will remain in operation throughout the entire spring and summer. Withers said the most technical part of maintaining the pads is preparing them for winter by closing and draining the lines and cutting off water to the area. Joanna Johnson, Brownwood aquatics supervisor, spent the week preparing each facility.

“They were very popular, at least last year,” Withers said. “We had quite a few go by there. Since we’re not providing lifeguards, we’re able to keep them open longer … When our life guards who go to high school or college have to go back to school, that is when we have to shutdown our pools. They’re top shelf and certainly an asset to have here. I’m glad they’re available to the public.”