No one was injured when a bullet passed through an apartment wall Saturday in Brownwood following the accidental discharge of a firearm, sheriff’s officials said.
    Deputy Jose Rodriguez was dispatched at 8:09 p.m. to an apartment on Dublin Drive regarding the accidental discharge. Rodriguez learned someone in another apartment accidentally fired a gun. The bullet passed through the wall into the complainant’s apartment..
    The incident happened two days after Sheriff Vance Hill urged shooters to use extreme caution when discharging a firearm whether hunting or target shooting.
    Over a two-week period, Hill said, deputies  responded to five calls throughout the county concerning irresponsible discharge of firearms. None of the calls were related.
    Callers reported they could hear nearby gunshots with the whizzing of projectiles passing by. Three of the calls were tracked down to shooters firing into an unsafe berm or backstop. The others were from neighbors discharging firearms with a lack of concern or preconceived notions the projectile would not travel as far as it did.
    In one case a woman accompanied by small children was struck in her side, outside a residence, by a projectile that was fired approximately 700 yards away.
    Some projectiles can travel more than a mile and if a ricochet occurs there is no way of knowing what path or direction the projectile will travel.
    “You as the shooter are responsible both criminally and civilly for any injury or damaged caused by the projectile,” Hill said. “Texas law does prohibit a projectile from crossing your property line onto another’s property or a public roadway.”
    In other incidents:

Friday, March 9
    • Narcotics — Deputy Marvin Simpson assisted investigator Carlyle Gover with a warrant service on Third Street. The warrant was for Roseann Lopez Ortega. Ortega was located inside the building and taken into custody.
    During a search of Ortega, 0.4 grams of methamphetamine, a semi-clear glass methamphetamine pipe and a cut straw containing methamphetamine residue were located on Ortega. Along with the warrant, Ortega was arrested for possession of controlled substance.

Sunday, March 11
    • DWI — Deputy Jose Rodriguez was dispatched at 4:30 a.m. to the intersection of FM 2126 / FM 2525. This was regarding a suspicious vehicle stopped at the stop sign heading south. The complainant advised the vehicle was parked at the stop sign for at least one hour and believed the driver of the vehicle was passed out.
    While on the phone with dispatch, the complainant stated the vehicle and began slowly moving into the intersection, eventually striking a tree on the other side of the street causing minor damage to the vehicle. The driver was not injured, but was arrested for Driving While Intoxicated.