Wednesday, March 7
    • Welfare Check — 700 block f Early Boulevard. Female sitting in bar ditch. Assisted subject in calling someone to come help her.
    • Reckless driver — North Highway 183. Vehicle reported to be weaving on roadway. Vehicle turned off before entering Early.
    • Accident — 100 block of Early Boulevard, no injuries, minor damage. Two citations issued to driver.

Thursday, March 8
    • Animal complaint — 300 block of Early Boulevard. Caller reported a sick cat. Cat gone on officer’s arrival.
    • Traffic hazard — 900 block of Early Boulevard, debris in roadway.
    • Welfare check — 1300 block of Sherry Lane, everything OK.
    • Suspicious — Parkway Drive, vehicle stopped on side of roadway. Everything OK.
    • Domestic disturbance — 600 block of Early Boulevard, officer investigated.
    • Scam — 100 block of Meadow Glen, report taken.
    • Animal complaint — 100 block of Salt Creek, aggressive brown pit bull cross. Owner located and warned about dog getting out.
    • Reckless driver — 1200 block of C.C. Woodson, vehicle driving recklessly. Officer unable to locate vehicle.

Thursday, March 9
    • Accident — 500 block of Early Boulevard. Two vehicles, no injuries, off roadway. Both drivers issued citations.
    • Accident — 8000 block of East 377, one-vehicle rollover. Fire / EMS responded. Three injured and transported.
    • Theft — 900 block of Early Boulevard.
    • Animal complaint — 700 block of Early Boulevard, caller got home and saw injured dog in driveway. When caller got out of vehicle, the dog jumped in. Officer located owners.
    • Agency assist — 400 block of East Commerce, Brownwood unit requesting assistance.
    • Medical emergency — 300 Block of Grandview, Lifeguard transported.

Saturday, March 10
    • Suspicious — 300 block of Early Boulevard,  subject asking people for money at mall entrance. Officer provided options for assistance. Subjects moved along.
    • Reckless driver — 5000 block of Highway 183 South, vehicle driving at high rate of speed. Officer unable to locate.
    • Community relations — 200 block of Northnline. Person fell, not injured just needed assistance. Officer assisted male into chair
    • Intoxicated driver — 100 block of Early Boulevard. PD looking for vehicle, possible DWI. Officer in area but unable to locate vehicle matching description.
    • Suspicious — 800 block of Early Boulevard, Vehicle sitting on side of road. Driver was lost, officer provided directions.
    • Suspicious — 100 block of East River Oaks. Officer observed subject outside of home with flashlight. Subject was homeowner.

Sunday, March 11
    • DWI driver — East Highway 377. Caller reported driver all over the road. Officer located vehicle. Driver was not intoxicated. Driver was arrested for US Border Patrol.
    • Medical emergency — 200 block of Hillcrest, Lifeguard transported.
    • Unsecure premises — 1000 block of Early Boulevard, officer located a gate swinging open to a business yard. Employee arrived and determined the gate broke the lock due to the wind. No offense.
    • Accident — Early Boulevard/Northline, two- vehicle, no injury, roadway clear. Minor damage. Citations issued to both drivers
    • Reckless driver — 300 block of Early Boulevard, vehicle driving in circles in mall parking lot. Driver stated he was just trying to relax his child.
    • Animal complaint — 200 block of Sudderth. Deer on side of road injured.