Many spend their early 20s still wondering what they will do when they grow up, but a 23-year-old man wonders where he will expand his Show Cones franchise.

Jason Ligon opened his second Show Cones location Saturday in Brownwood, and marked the occasion Monday with a ribbon cutting organized by the Brownwood Area Chamber of Commerce.

“We have had a lot of business,” Ligon said. “Everyone has been liking our snow cones. We have a big vision. Our goal is to get 30 locations and that is our short-term goal. We have to start somewhere.”

Along with Brad Gray, an Abilene realtor who is also Ligon’s business partner, Ligon purchased the property, located near the intersection of Belle Plain and Bayou Street, in November. Throughout the winter, Gray refurbished the building.

“[Gray] stripped everything from the inside and outside,” Ligon said.  “He painted it all and has a nice aesthetic touch. It was a lot of good work from him.”

Ligon said what sets his snow cones apart from everyone else is his secret process in making the cones. Instead of having a product composed of coarse, crushed ice, his product has a creamier texture similar to ice cream.

“A lot of people look at our texture as something a little bit different,” Ligon said. “It’s the smoothness of the ice. We have some secrets that we definitely won’t tell anybody. We shave our snow cones and they come out so smooth you can eat them without a spoon.”

Ligon began working in the snow cone industry at the age of 16. By 19 he became owner when his sister sold him the businesses after having her second child.

“After our first year of me owning it, it really took off,” Ligon said. “She did a lot of the base work that allowed it to take off so I really have to give her a lot of credit.”

As a young business owner, Ligon attributed his early success to trial and error, as well as strong sense of humility.

“It was all about trial and error,” Ligon said. “I had to recognize there is a lot of humility in this business. You can always make mistakes. There is a lot of managing a team. I have a manager here that is really running this joint and she cares a lot about our people. It’s a lot about caring about the people behind the counter and in front of the counter and if you don’t do those things, then you don’t have a good snow cone stand.”

Show Cone hours are Store 2 to 9 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 2 to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday, but Ligon expects those hours to extend in the summer.

“I’m not too new to Brownwood area, but I know about Lake Brownwood so we’re going to try and lengthen our hours in the summer because apparently it’s pretty busy over here,” Ligon said.