An ambulance simulator for Texas State Technical College’s Brownwood campus, which will be bought with a $50,000 training grant from the Brownwood Municipal Development District, will be a major part of the projected growth of the college’s EMS program, TSTC provost Rick Denbow told Brownwood City Council members.

Council members voted 4-1 Tuesday to ratify earlier action by the BMDD to approve the grant. Council member Ed McMillian, who cast the “no” vote, said he’s used to seeing BMDD grants used for activities that generate sales tax revenue or jobs.

BMDD executive director Guy Andrews responded to McMillian’s comment, saying part of the BMDD’s function is to create “a business atmosphere, a community atmosphere, so people will want to do business here. Training has always been one of the functions and this actually comes from our training money. We’ve given money previously for various training programs that we supported.

“What this does is it actually brings people in tho the community that may not be residents that will live here and spend money while they’re training.”

Denbow, who was recently appointed as provost over the TSTC’s four West Texas campuses including Brownwood, said the EMS program at TSTC has grown since it was created 18 months ago.

The Brownwood instructors’ mission is to “positively impact the EMS profession through the quality of our graduates,” Denbow said.

“The simulator is the exact same size as the back of an ambulance. It’s got everything but it doesn’t have an engine and wheels.”

There are three levels of EMS certification — basic, advanced and paramedic, Denbow said. TSTC teaches basic and advance courses, he said.

As council members voted on approving the $50,000 grant, McMillian said, “can’t do it.”