Thursday, March 29

• Trespassing — 2400 block of Avenue B, subject located a short distance from residence with a small amount of methamphetamine.

• Theft — 1800 block of 16th, trailer stolen.

• Theft — 4300 block of Brookdale.

• Trespassing — 500 block of West Commerce, subject arrested.

• Assault — 500 block of East Commerce.

• Animal cruelty — County Road 372, Early, deputy Jayson Bastardo took walk-in report that a named suspect had cut a mare’s face.

Friday, March 30

• Theft — 3700 block of Savoy, food stamp card stolen, suspect identified.

• Agency assist — welfare check, 1100 block of Clark on HPU campus, subject found to be intoxicated.

• Medical emergency — Coggin Park, subject with medical emergency swinging stick at first responders. Taken to Brownwood Regional Medical Center.

• Criminal mischief — 2500 block of North Main. 

• Fraud — County Road 274, Zephyr, deputy Stephen Thompson dispatched to meet with complainant.

Saturday, March 31

• Hit and run — 100 block of Market Place.

• Criminal trespass — Sportsman Center, deputy Thompson dispatched to disorderly conduct call. Complainant said a female was causing a disturbance, and complainant wanted her criminally trespassed for this location.

• Theft of service — Corina’s Mexican Restaurant, deputy Marvin Simpson dispatched on a report that two named suspects ate and left without paying their bill.

• Assault — Brown County Jail, Deputy Jose Rodriguez dispatched on a report of an altercation between two female inmates.

• Possession of marijuana — U.S. Highway 183 North and Early Boulevard. Deputy Simpson assisted Early officer Michelle Sheedy with a reckless driver call in which two pickups were racing. Simpson located one of the pickups and made a traffic stop. Upon approaching the vehicle, Simpson smelled a strong odor of fresh marijuana. Four subjects were in the vehicle. Simpson searched the truck and located a marijuana roach and two marijuana buds between the center console and the passenger seat, an opened Jameson Irish Whiskey bottle, a closed Coors Light can and an empty Coors light can. 

One of the truck’s occupants, identified as Gino Marks, 19, of Coleman, claimed the marijuana roach and the whiskey bottle. Marks was arrested on a charge of possession of marijuana, and all four received citations for minor in possession.

• Theft — CR 305, Zephyr. Deputy Rodriguez responded and both parties showed proof of ownership of items.

Sunday, April 1

• Hit and run — 400 block of East Commerce.

• Assault — Springlake West. Cpl. Joe Thomas  and deputy Rodriguez responded to a report of a domestic disturbance. Jerrod Pannell, 29, and Timothy Bell, 27, were arrested on assault charges.