Sunday, April 1

Animal bite — Harbor Drive, May. Cpl. Thomas was dispatched to Brownwood Regional Medical Center, where a woman said she was bitten on the hand while trying to separate two fighting dogs.

Tuesday, April 3

• Animal bite — Officers dispatched to Brownwood Regional.

• Criminal mischief — 1500 block of Market Place, where a known individual tried to break in.

 Wednesday, April 4

• Accidental shooting — CR 199. Deputy Marvin Simpson and Cpl. Joe Thomas responded to Brownwood Regional Medical Center and spoke with a man who had been shot in the leg and a witness. A handgun fell out of a waist holster the victim was wearing, struck the ground and discharged a round. The bullet entered the lower back side of the victim’s calf and exited the upper inside portion of the calf. The wound was consistent with the details provided by the two men.

• Theft — 1600 block of Second, Brownwood. A man told police a woman offered him supposedly expensive jewelry to hold as loan collateral. The man completed the loan before realizing the jewelry was likely fake.

• Trespassing — Walmart, man arrested on criminal trespass charge and on warrants.

• Citizens dispute — Fourth and Brady.

• Theft — Walmart, citation issued.

• Theft — 2500 block of Vincent.