The following were booked into the Brown County Jail between 8 a.m. Friday and 8 a.m. Thursday:

Bertin Avila, 41, Valera, DWI with child under 15 (four counts), failure to appear

Timothy Bell, 27, Brownwood, parole violation

Paul Boykin Jr., 24, Brownwood, possession of a controlled substance, evidence tampering

Nicholas Cover, 51, Austin, driving with invalid license

Dylan Craig, 18, Brownwood, evidence tampering, possession of drug paraphernalia

Andrew East, 24, evading arrest, motion to revoke, failure to appear, theft

Chason Franklin, 22, Brownwood, parole violation

Valery Gandy, 17, Brownwood, evidence tampering, bond withdrawals for manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance and possession of marijuana

Alexander Garcia, 18, Brownfield, failure to appear, burglary of a building, burglary of a vehicle, possession of a controlled substance, criminal mischief, failure to identify, possession of marijuana

William Green, 25, Blanket, DWI

Eleazar Hernandez, 37, Brownwood, parole warrant

Jaycee Lenz, 18, Brownwood, possession of marijuana

Gregory Luschen, 59, Brownwood, violating bond/protective order

Tyrell McLara, 22, Zephyr, possession of a controlled substance, unlawful carrying weapon, possession of marijuana

Jacob Morgan, 30, Early, commitment/DWI

Anthony Saenz, 22, Granbury, evidence tampering, possession of marijuana

Stewart Reynolds, 35, Brownwood, public intoxication

Moses Willett, 20, Snyder, possession of controlled substance

Trease Williams, 45, Brownwood, five-day commitment

Michelle Anderson, 42, Brownwood, theft

Harry Evans, 61, Brownwood, theft

Brandon Lawson, 32, Brownwood, traffic warrants

Melvin Mitchell, 52, Brownwood, driving with invalid license

William Pierce, 44, Bangs, probation commitment

Jason Brown, 44, Brownwood, amend motion to revoke

Jimmy Hallum, 27, Early, bond forfeiture for credit card or debit card abuse

Steven Hernandez, 55, Bangs, bond withdrawal of possession of a controlled substance

Jimmy Massey, 39, May, parole warrant

Tyler Wylie, 25, Brownwood, motion to adjudicate for possession of marijuana

Lex Barrow, 61, Brownwood, manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance

Penny Branham, 46, Austin, forgery

Edward Buitron-Zamora, 28, Brownwood, public intoxication

Jaime Contreras, 37, Brownwood, possession of marijuana, traffic warrant

Christopher Gontarek, 37, Cedar Creek, theft

Luis Perez, 21, Brownwood, probation violation

Delores Ramos, 19, Brownwood, possession of drug paraphernalia

Jeffrey Schott, 19, Blanket, traffic warrants

Jeremy Weems, 40, Brownwood, assault