Law enforcement vehicles from multiple agencies occupied a section of a Brownwood residential neighborhood briefly Tuesday afternoon where a police pursuit ended.

The mostly moderate speed pursuit, which began in Early after an unwanted person call, ended when the suspect stopped in front of his home on Avenue H near Third Street. Officers took Oscar Mireles, 43, into custody after a Brownwood police sergeant talked the man into getting out of his sport utility vehicle and surrendering, Early Police Chief David Mercer said.

Mireles was taken to the Brown County Jail on charges of resisting arrest, evading arrest and assault on a public servant, and mental health authorities have been asked to do an evaluation, Mercer said.

The suspect’s vehicle collided with Mercer’s police vehicle during the pursuit, causing minor damage, and with one other vehicle, Mercer said. Officers with the Early and Brownwood police departments, sheriff’s office and Department of Public Safety were involved in the incident.

According to an email from Mercer:

Early police Sgt. Steven Means responded around 1:30 p.m. to a construction zone in the 1100 block of Early Boulevard for an unwanted person. The complainant said a man was refusing to leave the property, and a contractor directed Means to a parking area, where a man was walking in circles.

Means approached the man to speak with him and asked the man to take his hands out of his pockets. The man removed one hand from a pocket but would not remove his other hand.

The man would not respond to Means’ commands and would not communicate with Means. The officer reached to pat the man for weapons, a struggle ensued and the man was able to pull away from Means and get in his vehicle. 

When additional units arrived, officers continued negotiations with the man but could not gain compliance. The man put the vehicle into drive and began telling officers to shoot him. Mercer went to the passenger window of the vehicle and tried to talk with the man, who responded by telling Mercer to get in the vehicle and also telling Mercer to shoot him.

The man reached into his pocket, and Mercer deployed a Taser, which did not affect the man. Mercer deployed the Taser a second time, still with no effect. The man drove away, driving through the parking lot, over curbs and into the street. A pursuit began down Early Boulevard toward Brownwood at speeds of 40 to 60 mph. The driver continued into Brownwood and slowed due to traffic and signal lights.

The suspect then pulled behind several vehicles at the signal light at East Commerce and Riverside Drive and stopped as law enforcement vehicle came up behind him and beside him. The suspect then turned his vehicle and

rammed into Mercer’s police vehicle and sped away, striking another vehicle. The pursuit continued at

moderate speeds to C.C. Woodson, then down Carnegie, to Third Street and to Ave H where the driver stopped on his


The suspect sat in his vehicle while officers negotiated with him to step out. Brownwood police Sgt. Jesse Mares was able to talk the man out of his vehicle and surrender without further incident.

“I want to commend Sgt. Mares for an excellent job in convincing the subject to get out of his vehicle and surrendering without further incident,” Mercer said. “All law enforcement agencies, including Early Police Department,

Brownwood Police Department, Brown County Sheriff’s Department and DPS, responded to work together to resolve the

situation with no one getting injured.”

Officers requested a mental evaluation because the suspect made suicidal threats and family members said he may not have been taking his medications, Mercer said.