If you ask director Larry Mathis to name the Lyric Theatre play he thinks  had the best set, he’ll tell you that’s a tough question.

“Every set is unique in its own way,” Mathis, who has directed several of the Lyric’s plays, said Tuesday at the storied theatre, where work is under way to build the set for “Crimes of the Heart.” 

“They’re all different, and they’re all unique in their own way.”

Mathis is the director of “Crimes of the Heart,” which will be performed May 18-20 and May 25-27. The play is a comedy about family and contains some poignant moments.

The set includes a 1980s-era kitchen which features gaudy colors reminiscent of the decade, a stove and refrigerator, electricity and even running water in the sink.

Volunteer set builders Jimmy Henry, Randy Harkey and Craig Blanton are building the set and transforming Mathis’ ideas for what the set should look like into reality.

Certainly the “Crimes of the Heart” set is unique. “We’ve never had an interior kitchen before, with running water and electricity,” Mathis said.

The Lyric’s website explains the show’s premise:

Three sisters who have gathered in their small Mississippi hometown awaiting news of their grandfather, who is dying  in a local hospital: Lenny, who is unmarried; Meg, a failed singer; and Babe, on bail for having shot her husband.

Their troubles are highlighted by their cousins Chick, Doc Porter and Babe’s lawyer, who is trying to keep her out of jail.

“It’s a fun show. It’s funny, funny, funny, funny,” Mathis said, noting that the play contains poignancy. “It could be people you know. You could know this family,” Mathis said. 

A cast member had to withdraw because of personal circumstances, and three to five actors will be auditioning during a rehearsal to replace the cast member, Mathis said.