County and city employees, elected officials, religious leaders and citizens of all ages and backgrounds came together for a National Day of Prayer presentation Thursday.

After a morning of torrential rain, organizers moved the traditionally outdoor event to the Adams Street Community Center, where dozens of citizens, government employees and elected officials called for unity in governance.

“The theme for this year is pray for American unity based on Ephesians 4-3, which challenges us to mobilize unified public prayer for America, making every effort of keeping the unity of spirit through the bond of peace,” Brown County Sheriff's Office Chaplin Rick Phelps said. “The hope of the National Day of Prayer Taskforce is that individuals, churches and spiritual leaders in America will humble ourselves and unify in prevailing prayer for the next great move of God in our country.”

Among the speakers were Brownwood Mayor Stephen Haynes, Coggin Avenue Baptist Church Pastor Tim Skaggs, Victory Life Academy Athletic Director Christian McDaniel and Derrick Smith, who spoke in the place of Abundant Life Church Pastor Bob Smithson. Thursday marked the 66th anniversary of National Day of Prayer – a program started under President Harry S. Truman with more than 10,000 entities participating nationwide Thursday.

 “I love this because it’s one of those events that regardless of who our pastor is, where we go to be spiritually fed, the one thing we all have in common is prayer,” Phelps said. “We all want to learn, talk to God and, just as important, want to listen. I love this because where else on any given day are you going to find Baptists, non-denominational, Methodists and Catholics coming together? And the awesome part of this is we’re coming together as one unified voice.”