Officials with the Boys and Girls Club of Brown County triumphantly announced this year’s concert fundraiser would return to its roots and go back to the barn.

The traditional, annual Boys and Girls Club of Brown County Barn Dance took a detour to the Brownwood Coliseum in 2017, but with multi-platinum country singer Sammy Kershaw coming to town it only seemed fitting to return to what made the dance so successful in the past.

“We’re back out at the barn,” Boys and Girls Club of Brown County Director Danny Willingham said. “It’s going to be a real barn dance again. We’re really proud of that. Last year, we wereout at the coliseum.”

Willingham said the reason for changing locations in 2017 is that the previous location for the barn dance was no longer available. Instead they took it to the Brownwood Coliseum, which he said did not reflect the intimate environment they seek each year. This year, the dance will be held at Angus of Clear Creek, LLC in Bangs, which Willingham said will be a welcome change for many.

“For 17 years we had it in a barn, and we lost the barn,” Willingham said. “They sold the ranch and the new owner tore up the dance floor and said ‘This is going to be for horses now.’ We had no place to have it so we had it in the coliseum last year. Because there was no barn, we changed the name of it to the Texas Shindig, which was a bad idea because after 16 years of developing, people wanted to go to the barn dance.”

Willingham described the affair as a picnic with live music. He added the crew Angus of Clear Creek, LLC is working to have the barn ready for the June 9 event, installing the dance floor and P.A. system. The dance is usually held in early May, but Willingham said drawing a big name act like Kershaw required a change of date.

“Part of why we chose June 9 is that is when Sammy Kershaw could do it,” Willingham said. “That’s one of the things where we had to make a concession. Normally, we do it in May. That’s when we could get Sammy and that is when we were sure our venue would be available because it’s brand new. Right now, I think they’re putting the finishing touches on the dance floor, plumbing and things like that.”

Tickets for the dance are $100, and capped at 500 sold, which Willingham said makes the show well worth the admission considering those attending could literally be within arms reach of the singer famous for songs such as “She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful,” “Cadillac Style” and many others.

“It’s a new place, a nice place and everybody is going to love it. Of course Sammy Kershaw is a great performer,” Willingham said. “It’s been $100 for eight or 10 years. It was $75 before that … I’ve heard of concerts where you pay $100 or more and you go and listen to them and that’s it. Here, you get to go listen, dance, eat a wonderful meal, a bar. It’s a big expense for us, but people like that.”

The funds raised for the Barn Dance will go directly to the Boys and Girls Club of Brown County. Along with mentorship programs, the Boys and Girls Club also offers athletic and after school programs designed to build self-esteem and courage for its children. Recently, the group received funding for its Girls Strong Program teaching young females the realities of human trafficking, which includes how to remain safe while online.

“We just finished one course of it with 15 girls and we’re going to do another with 15 more this summer,” Willingham said. “That is as many as the state sponsored in Dallas, who had 30 girls. Houston got 30 girls.”

To purchase tickets, visit Wendlee Broadcasting KOXE/KBWD, go online at or call (325) 641-2582.