EARLY— Members of the United State military may be coming to Brown County to participate in military operations so covert citizens will not know they are there.

The Early City Council unanimously approved authorizing a letter of support for United State Special Operations Forces exercises, which will take place over a three-year period beginning in June.

“The exercise is a little longer than last time, I believe it was [one year] and they’re planning out for three years,” Early Mayor Robert Mangrum said. “Part of the letter said coordination (with the city and police) of the exercise will take place 90 days before the event.”

Early City Administrator Tony Aaron said hosting Special Forces operations is nothing new to the area, with multiple local governments receiving a similar email invitation over the past few weeks. Brown County received a similar request Monday, but a request has not come before the Brownwood City Council.

“It’s training for deployment overseas,” Aaron said. “It’s hard to really nail down what they will do, but it’s covert-type training that prepares them for combat missions overseas in metropolitan areas — not necessarily uniform type operations.”

Due to the sensitive nature of the operation, Aaron said he did not know what the Special Forces will do while in Brown County. However, should the city not approve of the operation, it reserves the right to ask the Special Forces to leave at any time.

“You don’t even know they are here,” Aaron said. “They come in and tell us they are doing it, then they coordinate with law enforcement what they are doing, but really you don’t know that they’re here. That’s the idea of the training.”

In 2015, media outlets such as Infowars.com played up the notion of Special Forces operations being training military insurrection. Coined Jade Helm, paranoia over the operations even forced the hand of Gov. Greg Abbott to assign Texas National Guardsmen to observe operations, which former National Security Agency Michael Hayden attributed to online Russian dissidence a few days ago while appearing on MSNBC. 

Aaron said similar training is taking place throughout the state and any military presence will only be noticed by the slight uptick in restaurant revenues.

“This is standard. We have the authority to revoke the agreement at any time,” Aaron said. “It’s the United State (federal government). We partner with them and we partner with the state. It’s good for our country that they’re here training.”

The council also:

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