Hitting a woman across her head with a makeup mirror was “probably too much,” a man told the Brownwood police officer who arrested him Friday morning. But the mirror was the only thing around he could grab, and he thought that was better than picking up something big “like a piano,” the man told the officer.

Officer Alisha Balderrama’s report recounted Joseph Young’s statements to her in a report about the 21-year-old Young’s arrest Friday morning on charges of aggravated assault with a weapon, unlawful restraint and interfering with an emergency call.

Young remained jailed Tuesday in lieu of bonds totaling $115,000, Brown County Jail records state.

According to Balderrama’s report:

Balderamma and other officers responded to an apartment complex in the 2000 block of Brady Avenue, where Balderamma spoke with a woman whose hair was riddled with glass and who had a swollen nose. The woman said she and the man who hit her had been dating for about six months and had come home that morning after drinking all night. The woman said she had been hit in her had and face several times by different objects.

The woman said the man smashed a mirror over her head, nearly hit her with a machete, bashed her nose into a metal futon frame and restrained her in the apartment by closing the door when she tried to leave. The woman also said the man grabbed her by the hair and threw her into several walls and doors, placed his hands around the neck and put his knee on her back, impeding her airway.

The man left the apartment on foot, then turned around and walked back toward the apartment complex. Officer Bruce Spruill located the man and detained him, and the man later said he wanted to speak with Balderamma about the incident.

At the Brownwood Police Department, the man told Balderamma an argument Friday morning had stemmed from a “slight altercation” the night before. The man said the argument began after the two returned home from a night of drinking with friends. The man said the two tend to “push each other around a lot” when arguing.

The man said the only way he can get the woman to listen to him is to yell in her face. The man also said he tried to slap the woman, but every time he’s tried to slap her in the past, he’s missed. The only way to get the woman to be quiet is to make it where “she can’t talk at all,” Balderamma’s report quoted the man as saying.

The man has a difficult time controlling his anger when he has been drinking and is quarreling with someone he cares for, he told the officer. The man said he is a dominant person and the woman he assaulted is a submissive person.

The man said the woman was standing in front of a door facing him when he hit a door with the blade of a machete. The man said the blade missed the woman by 1.5 to 2 feet, which was close enough to make her scared.

Balderamma completed an application for an emergency protective order on behalf of the woman.