A 45-year-old Bangs man is jailed on bonds totaling $500,000 on allegations he posted threats against the 3M plant in Brownwood, where he previously worked, and the plant manager.

Bryan Makuta was booked into the Brown County Jail Friday on charges of stalking and terroristic threat, jail records state.

Brown County Court-at-Law Judge Sam Moss set bonds of $200,000 on each charge. Additionally, Moss increased bonds on misdemeanor charges for which Makuta had previously been arrested.

Those charges are DWI, unlawfully carrying a weapon, possession of a dangerous drug and possession of marijuana. Moss increased those bonds to $25,000 each, jail records state.

According to complaints filed by Texas Ranger Jason Shea:

In March, Brownwood police told a 3M security officer that Makuta was someone 3M may wish to be aware of as he was “considered volatile” at the time. Police told the security officer Makuta had been arrested the previous week and had attempted to harm himself.

3M officials in Brownwood notified Alex Rockwell of 3M corporate security, who began to monitor Facebook posts Makuta had made since March. Many of those posts were Makuta’s “focused attention on 3M and the Brownwood plant manager, Russ Bryan,” Shea’s complaint states.

Due to the security concern, 3M hired off-duty police officers to provide security for the Brownwood plant. Based on a media report about the extra security amid threats from a former employee,  Makuta “begins posting on Facebook videos specifically naming Bryan and makes threats toward him,” the complaint states.

The complaint alleges that Makuta “posted dozens of videos that are directed at 3M and Bryan."

Last November, Makuta was arrested on multiple charges including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and continuous violence against the family after a domestic disturbance. He was released a day later on bonds totaling $78,000 and arrested twice n February on charges of assault and disorderly conduct, jail records state.

He was released on bonds after both arrests.