After working in and around law enforcement for 37 years, veteran dispatcher and call-taker Brent Bush is ready for some leisure time.

“This is going to be a blast,” Bush, 66, said during a retirement reception in his honor Wednesday at the Law Enforcement Center.

“I’m looking forward to doing absolutely nothing for awhile. The thing that thrills me more than anything is waking up when I want to, getting in my recliner, turning on an old western and drinking all the coffee I can stand.”

When asked how long he expects that lifestyle to last, Bush replied, “Oh, probably about a week. It won’t last long but it appeals to me right now.”

Previously, Bush worked for 26 years as a dispatcher for the Texas Department of Public Safety, and worked for five years as Brown County emergency management coordinator.

Bush was accompanied at the by his wife, Janice, a former Early City Council member who recently retired from an office job at Early High School.

“It was special,” Bush told law enforcement officers, dispatchers and other LEC staff at the reception.

“I enjoyed it. Thank you for letting me be a part of it. I’m a dispatcher at heart. I always will be. To me, the dispatch center is the nucleus of every department. Dispatch has always got their back.”

As a call-taker, Bush sat at a station at the front of the LEC lobby. He received unusual phone calls from the public virtually every day.

“Had a lady call me one day,” Bush recalled. “She was driving down the road and she said, ‘hey, could you tell me what causes a bird to fall out of the air dead?’

“I said, ‘was it shot?’ She said, ‘no, it was just flying along and it fell to the ground dead.’ I was so shocked, I didn’t know what to tell her.”

Bush suggested that the caller contact Parks and Wildlife with that question.

Bush said he doesn’t anticipate looking for another job after being retried for awhile. “No, I think this is it,” Bush said. “I don’t guarantee it. I’ve said a couple of times ‘this it it.’ We’ll see. But I’m hoping that’s it.”

In retirement, Bush said, he’ll do whatever he’s told to do.

“Your wife is going to say ‘get up and so something,’” an LEC staffer said.

“Yeah, the list is going to grow,” Bush said.