The Brownwood Police Department hopes to take steps to increase the number of applicants for officer vacancies.

Several proposals will go before the Brownwood City Council at 9 a.m. Tuesday involving changes to the Civil Service Pay Ordinance.

According to an agenda briefing sheet:

The police department has struggled to attract qualified officer candidates. The department has been testing only certified/licensed police officers, but the department wants to open the test up to any qualified applicants. The department would give priority to currently certified officers or to those attending a police academy.

The department also wants to provide a higher incentive to attract experienced officers and wants to create two pay classifications below the current police officer (one to three years) classification.

A probationary police officer would be any certified officer with less than a year’s experience. A police cadet would be a non-certified individual the department would send to a police academy.

The department wants to change the Police Officer Hiring Incentive Program to reflect changes to incentives based on experience. For certified officers with more than a year’s experience, the incentive pay would increase from $5,000 to $7,000. For a probationary officer, the incentive pay would go down from $5,000 to $2,500. For police cadets, the incentive would be $2,500 payable at the time the cadet completes the academy and passes the state licensing exam.

The proposed pay ordinance was developed in partnership with the Brownwood Municipal Police Association.