Attendees of the upcoming Cowboy Gathering will get a taste of old west living with music, poetry and even a western style gunfight.

During the 1800s the land Stagecoach Venues sits on, located just north of the Heartland Mall, was a livery and stagecoach stop, serving the Chidester mail route from Fort Worth to Yuma when the floodwaters made Pecan Bayou impassable and co-owner Pam Ribble said its history makes it the perfect location for the Friday, July 21 day-long event.

“There is a lot of history from that day and time out here and these folks performing about a way of life and lifestyle that our venue exudes,” Ribble said. “It goes hand and hand. We have a stage we’ve used previously on other events, but we dressed it up a bit more.”

For the inaugural Cowboy Gathering, Stagecoach Venues will have music from Kimmy Hudson, Gary and Jean Prescott and J. Clayton Read, who will also read old west poetry throughout the day. If songs and poems about the old west is not enough, the By Gone Days Gunfighters will also have performances throughout the day.

“All of the entertainers are part of the Western Music Association,” Ribble said. “We were a little late in the game to get sanctioned by the association itself and we’re hoping, in the future, it will be a sanctioned event and an annual event.”

The Cowboy Gathering will be Stagecoach Venues’ third major event. In December, the organization opened its doors to the public for the first time with its A Stagecoach Christmas. In March, the hosted the first Stagecoach Market Days and, thanks to the success of that event, recently announced plans to host another Stagecoach Market Days this fall.

“We still have several things we want to do,” Ribble said. “We think we have a great place for musical acts. It can be a relaxing atmosphere and a little bit different than what people may have seen in the area. There are a lot of great places in town. We just want to be one more and offer something a little different. There are some things we continue to work on and try to make better.

“We just continue hearing positive things about how being this place makes people feel. It’s a park-like setting. We’ve had some interest in different things and some things that we’re in the discussion phase of doing. It’s making headway. We had such great turnout and a positive experience from our market days in April that we will be doing that again in October.
For more information regarding the upcoming Cowboy Gathering visit Stagecoach Venues online or check out their Facebook page.