EARLY — After more than a year in business, the Spirit of Texas Winery in Early seems less like a business and more like an area convention center.

Since opening last April the Spirit of Texas Winery has done much more than be the area’s top voted winery/wine bar, according to the recent Best of Brown County results, and has daily events ranging from yoga classes to welcoming new teachers as part of its upcoming Back to School Brunch.

“Our biggest thing is getting the community involved,” said Miora McCue, who founded Brown County’s first winery alongside her husband Brian in April of 2017. “We find things people enjoy doing. We want people to come out here and enjoy the people that they’re with and have fun doing it.”

McCue said she and Brian looked at other areas to base their business, but as soon as they saw the 11-acre plot of land running along Highway 183 from Early to Zephyr they knew they were in the right place.

“We were very honored to be able to provide our wines at the Best of Brown County,” McCue said. “It was a big deal for us. We feel like for us to become involved in the community, we have to give back and we’re trying to do that. I’m always amazed. People have either spent all of their lives here or grew up here, moved away and come back. It says a lot about a community and the people that are a part of it. We want to find a way where we can fit in and be a part of it as well.”

Spirit of Texas currently contracts Penny Adams of Wedding Oak Winery in San Saba. Although contracted, McCue said she works closely with Adams to create wines that are exclusive to the Spirit of Texas, unique to the area and caters to the tastes of her patrons. She said she often has customers fill out questionnaires to find what they are looking for and works with Adams to bring the results to fruition.

“Right now, it is made produced and bottled at Wedding Oak Winery,” McCue said. “[Adams] is a phenomenal wine maker and very easy to work with. She knows what works well in this community and is flexible when we come to her with what we need for our next wines.”

Although contracting with another winery, McCue said all of the grapes come from Texas. McCue said the next step in their business venture is creating their own vineyard to experiment in producing their own wine.

“We’re already talking about what we’re going to do in the next few years,” McCue said. “We’re sitting down next week to talk with Mike McHenry, one of the managing partners at Wedding Oak Winery, about what our future looks like, what we need to see and what we need to get this going. We will be putting a winery building next door and eventually we will have that going.”