Thursday, Aug. 9

• Reckless damage or destruction — U.S. Highway 84/183, Zephyr. Deputy Simpson responded to a report of a mailbox being run over. A license plate was found at the scene. The plate belonged to an individual arrested by Brownwood police for DWI.


Friday, Aug. 10

• Theft — Dollar General Store, Highway 279. An unknown male walked out without paying for items.

• Theft of services — CR 321, Blanket. Deputy Simpson took a walk-in report from Carlisle Fencing and Dozer Services. The company provided services to a male who paid $14,000 of a $30,913 bill.

• Illegal dumping  — CR 257, Brownwood. Deputy Mathis located a couch that was illegally dumped on the side of the road. The scene was processed and a report was made.


Saturday, Aug. 11

• Illegal dumping — Sunset Beach Road, Brownwood. Complainant said an unknown person dumped a couch on her property.

• Theft of property — CR 551, Brownwood. Complainant said a male moved out of his rental property and stole his air conditioner window unit.


Sunday, Aug. 12

• Dog bite — CR 602, Brownwood.