As the summer creeps into its hottest point of the season, the Brownwood Fire Department and the Hendrick Surgery Center teamed for a fan drive Tuesday afternoon.

As part of the drive, the BFD and Hendrick Surgery Center spent Tuesday afternoon gathering fans, which will go to needy homes with defective or inoperable heating and air conditioning units.

“It’s very important, especially for people who don’t have fans or their houses are not insulated right,” BFD Lt. Jody Horton said. “It’s very important with the hot season, especially in August. We may not be in the 100s right now, but a few weeks ago we were … We’ve gone on heat related incidents where people get too hot, but we don’t have a lot where they will come out and ask for stuff. We go in a lot of houses and you can see that they’re needed. There are quite a few people here in Brownwood that need it.”

Throughout the afternoon, the BFD and the staff at Hendrick Surgery Center collected fans, but the drive got started a bit early with staff members at Hendrick wheeling out fans donated by staff members and area businesses before the 1 p.m. kickoff. Having been in business since April of 2017, officials felt it was time to give back to the community that made their livelihoods possible.

“This is our first year with the fan drive and we have really great community partners,” Hendrick Surgery Center Clinical Coordinator Leslie Greaves said. “The idea actually came from the Taylor County United Way, which held a fan drive in Abilene with the fire department in June. Hendrick Health System has a long history of giving back to the community.”

The fans collected Tuesday will be donated to Central Texas Opportunities, Good Samaritan Ministries and the local Salvation Army. Those in need of a fan can call the Texas Call for Help Line, 211, who will then contact the aforementioned not-for-profit groups and arrange to have a fan dropped off.

“We have been here a little over a year and we were trying to think of an idea of how to give back to the Brownwood community,” Greaves said. “… We have a lot of summer left and we just want to provide to individuals who have a need. We just want to lighten their load a little.”