Nobility Martial Arts invites the community to attend its free Krav Maga self-defense seminar Saturday to learn basic self-defense using real-life scenarios.

While many free events come with a hook to lure customers back, Nobility Martial Arts Co-Owner Lathe Craft II said the only intent behind Saturday’s self defense seminar is keeping Brownwood’s most vulnerable residents safe.

“It’s our way of giving back to the community,” Craft said. “We’ve been in business in Brownwood for two years teaching martial arts. Last year, we worked in the ACE program in the Early school district. We would have done it for free, but they insisted on paying us. We’ve love working with the community. Yes, we’re in business to stay in business, but we’re also here for Brownwood.”

Craft said those who plan to attend should wear loose-fitting, athletic cloths and no other material is needed for the seminar. He believes Krav Maga is one of the simplest, most proven forms of self-defense to learn.

“You do not need any understanding or martial arts background to be able to participate,” Craft said. “It is going to be a basic understanding of self-defense and a little bit of physical conditioning as well … We’re going to do basic self-defense — outside-inside defense and ballistic counter attacks. We’re going to go over choke defense and basic strength defense. In the past we’ve hosted several workshops. We try to do one free workshop per quarter.”

Craft said Krav Maga was developed specifically for self-defense by Imi Lichtenfeld to defend against anti-Semitic gangs in 1930s Bratslava, the capital of modern-day Slovakia. Using a mixture of boxing, wrestling and various other martial arts known at the time, Lichtenfeld soon developed a style of self-defense that, due to its simplicity, has been adopted by militaries around the world.

Craft said he learned Krav Maga while serving in the military and searching for a place to practice taekwondo. Although an afterthought at the time, Krav Maga became a passion for Craft, who teaches it alongside fellow Co-Owner Steve Martinez and also offers courses in boxing and taekwondo at Nobility Martial Arts.

“Krav Maga gives a realistic understanding of self defense versus having to learn forms, katas or what have you. You get to implement the martial arts system in a martial arts style that is reality based,” Craft said. “… Self defense is something that is needed, no matter where you’re at. Crimes happen all of the time. There was a teenager in Iowa [Mollie Tibbets] that was just murdered. Self-defense is something we all need to understand to be able to defend ourselves. The Israeli Defense Forces use it and it does have a proven background.

“It is open to the public and it’s free. The reason why it’s free is because it gives people who come an understanding of what we offer as well as our way of giving back to the community.”

The seminar begins 3 p.m. Saturday at Nobility Martial Arts at 211 Fisk Ave., in downtown Brownwood. Nobility Martial Arts is also offering two weeks of free courses for anyone interested in learning more after the seminar.