ZEPHYR — Zephyr High School has a need, and the community is responding.

A letter from the school’s new ag teacher, Derek Ahearn, was posted on the Zephyr Bulldog Booster Club’s Facebook page:

“The Zephyr High School Agriculture Department is in dire need of additional equipment, in order to provide the best possible shop experience for our students. We are seeking donations of a number of items, including, but not limited to: hand tools (and) power tools such as drills, impact wrenches, as well as air tools and sockets.

“A large need is a large roll around tool box. Your donation of any of these items will be greatly appreciated and put to good use in the coming school year, and for years to come.”

Friday morning, Tim Pinkston, general manager of the Fastenal company in Brownwood, and outside sales rep Leahshae Martinez parked a pickup filled with tools and equipment outside the ag department.

The two carried boxes that included a welding helmet, extension cords, tape measures, a socket set, a hammer and grinding consumables inside the ag shop and presented them to Ahearn and a group of students.

Other community members are responding on social media with offers to help and donate items including a radial arm saw.

Ahearn said he walked into an ag shop to start off the new school year that “didn’t have a complete set-up.”