Services the Brownwood Police Department provide cost $21.93 per capita each month. The fire department costs $16.09 per capita each month; streets, $8.20 per capita; and parks, $6.99 per capita.

Those were among the details from Brownwood finance director Walter Middleton when he gave a budget presentation on the proposed 2018-’19 spending plan during a public hearing Tuesday morning. No one from the public spoke. A second public hearing was scheduled for 6 p.m. Tuesday.

Council members will adopt the $35.34 million budget, which is 2.96 percent larger than the current budget, next month.

Council members have agreed to lower the property tax to 78.69 cents per $100 valuation, a .77 cent — or nearly 1 percent — reduction from the current rate of 79.46 cents. The lower rate is the same amount of the effective tax rate, which will raise the same amount of revenue as previous year, Middleton said at the public hearing.

There are no proposed increases in utility rates.

Highlights of Middleton’s presentation include:

Revenue factors

• 3 percent increase in sales tax revenue is projected.

• The water improvement district is increasing the wholesale treated water rate by .92percent. The city will absorb that increase with no increases proposed in the retail treated water rate or water base rate.

• Sewer revenue is projected to decrease by $258,000 due to losing the City of Early as a sewer customer. No increases are proposed in the sewer, sanitation or landfill rates.

Expense factors

• 3 percent across the board pay raises — $430,000.

• Medical insurance 5.9 percent increase — $130,000.

• Fleet replacement Enterprise — $148,000

• Longevity bonuses — $86,000 from reimbursement of medical insurance benefits to be distributed to current employees based on longevity.