EARLY— Television crews and two of the stars of ‘Texas Flip N Move’ spent Wednesday morning visiting a home in Early they purchased for an upcoming episode of the DIY Network show.

The Snow sisters — Dona Snow Landers and Toni Snow Barksdale — spent Wednesday morning looking over a recently purchased one-story home off the U.S. Highway 183 that will appear on the DIY Network at a later date.

“Early welcomed us. I love that. It may be a small community, but it has a large heart,” Landers said. “We [thank] them for welcoming us and for the opportunity to tell everyone thank you so much for watching. Please continue to tune in to Texas Flip and Move … If you’re in the town of Early you better stay on top of things because you’re going to see your town.”

The purchase of the home near Garmon Drive is not a first for the Snow sisters, who visited Early to purchase a home from local realtor Jim King. They described the process as extensive as they plan to remodel the three-bedroom, two-bathroom home. 

“This is going to be an eight-weeker. It’s basically because of the square footage and there is a lot to do with this house,” Landers said. “There are so many possibilities. If we can keep it a [three-bedroom, two bathroom] that’s attractive. Even [two-bedroom, two-bath] is attractive to new homeowners.” 

Landers said they chose the home because of its potential value when resold and its easy access to U.S. Highway 183, where they will transport it to the Dallas/Fort Worth area, remodel the home and put it up for sale.

“We can be working on three or four houses at the same time,” Landers said. “With that being said, there are a lot of hands on deck. Sometimes we have to call in our dad and our brother (H.D. and Gary Snow of H.D. Snow and Sons House Moving, Inc.) because there are certain deadlines. 

“… It definitely has some square footage and a decent building. The back part has got to go, but the main house is still a lot of square footage. When you have that all under one roofline, you can do a lot with it.”

Landers did not give a specific time when movers would transport the home, but said the transportation phase is the first step in a long process that can take nearly two months.

“For the houses, four to seven weeks is about the turnaround time from when it gets relocated to the lot,” Landers said. ”From the time it gets relocated to the lot, we survey it – this is what we’re going to do with it. This is what we’re going to change it into, whether it’s a repair, rebuild or add on to or takeaway from. It’s worth saving. It saves the landfill.”

When it comes to the cost of restoring the home, the Snow sisters said most of the cost will come from sweat equity and they seek to keep the cost of materials down by using repurposed lumber and other used items instead of simply adding another pile to the local dump.

“It’s worth saving and it saves the landfills. On top of that, somebody has a home,” Landers said. “It’s economical. There is more tax base in the city or county as opposed to people renting. Now, people can own a piece of the American pie. They can have their own home at a price that they can afford.”

Toni Snow Barksdale said she noticed a few immediate changes they will make to the home, but they will do a more thorough walkthrough later.

“We haven’t done any work yet, we just acquired it today, but when you first walk in there you can tell right away that little pony wall needs to go,” Barksdale said. “Things like that go through your mind when you’re walking through a house. We have a three-bedroom, two-bath with this. [Ideas] just keep going, what are we going to do with this … It’s a really warm feeling. People are going to be making memories in that home.”