Editor’s Note: Wednesdays throughout the school year, the Brownwood Bulletin will profile a Brown County teacher who goes above and beyond for the students in the classroom.


Take a look at special education teacher Brenda Lambert’s entry on East Elementary School’s website, and you can see some of her priorities.

Her family, for one.

Lambert, who lives with her husband, Gary, at Lake Coleman, informs visitors to the website she is the proud mother of a son and daughter and has three grandchildren.

And, not surprisingly, her job is another priority.

Lambert has been teaching for a total of 22 years — the last nine in Brownwood, and the last four at East Elementary, where she teaches grades kindergarten-through-third. Lambert has a reading specialization, early childhood endorsement and special education certification.

“I just think that reading is so important,” Lambert said. “I noticed some children have struggles in reading.”

Lambert grew up in Coleman, and she knew in the second grade that she was going to become a teacher. “I thought it was amazing a lady would stand in front of a classroom and teach all day,” Lambert said.

Lambert’s effervescent, megawatt smile might seem to indicate she’s never known trouble — but she has. Lambert became a widow at a young age and worked two jobs — with two children at home — to get through college.

“I just stayed hunkered down and stayed focused,” Lambert said.

Lambert earned a degree from McMurry University and took a job in the Early Childhood Intervention program in Sweetwater.

Lambert went on to teach in Sonora, Austin and Novice.

Lambert remarried after 10 years of widowhood, and she and Gary decided to return to the Coleman-Brown County area.

When asked what keeps her motivated at her job, Lambert replied, “the children do. It’s so exciting to see their faces light up when they understand the lesson.”

Sometimes, Lambert said, children “just need that little extra boost to get them where they need to be. I believe all children can learn. Sometimes you have to go about it in different ways.”

Lambert said it’s important to “just have perseverance and not ever give up the you have a goal you want to reach.”