A sheriff’s investigator and Brownwood police arrested two wanted parolees — including one hiding in a crawl space — and a third person with city warrants after staking out a south Brownwood home early Sunday morning.

Taylor Hart, 27, of Zephyr, and Shawna Worley, 30, of Brownwood, were arrested at 4:05 a.m. on parole warrants, Brown County Jail records state.

Hart was also charged with evading arrest on foot and possession of a controlled substance.

Additionally, Katelyn Lowther, 20, of Rising Star, was arrested on city warrants for theft and failure to appear, jail records state.

According to a report by sheriff’s investigator Carlyle Gover:

Gover learned Hart, who had a parole warrant, was at a house in the 1800 block of Seventh. Gover also had information that people at the house were involved with the use and distribution of methamphetamine, Gover’s report states.

Gover and Brownwood officers went to the house, which was the only residence in the neighborhood with interior lights on. Gover and police Sgt. Brandon Miller observed from a nearby side yard for about 20 minutes when they saw Hart and a female come outside and walk toward a vehicle.

Gover and Miller identified themselves as officers and ordered Hart to the ground. “Hart immediately ran,” Gover’s report states. “Sgt Miller and I continued to yell ‘stop police’ several times. Hart continued to run for about 100 yards before he stopped and was taken into custody.”

Officers searched Hart and found a storage cylinder with a small amount of methamphetamine and five empty plastic baggies.

The female had left the scene, and Gover presumed she had gone back into the Seventh Street house. Gover knocked on the door, and an occupant allowed Brownwood officers to go inside, where they found Lowther.

Gover told the occupant he was concerned about banging and shuffling noises he heard from inside, and the occupant allowed Gover inside. With the occupant’s permission, Gover opened the hatch to a crawl space and found Worley hiding.