Brownwood City Council members agreed Tuesday to re-take possession of the old Central Fire Station at Austin and Main from the Brownwood Municipal Development District and seek bids in an effort to sell the property.

The council took the same action on lots at 807 and 808 Booker, which are adjacent to the former fire station.

The council requested that preference for the bid award for the fire station be given to a sales tax-producing entity and set the minimum bid at $350,000. 

The properties will be put out for bid within 30 days.

Council members also approved restrictions including:

• Use of the property will be placed in the deed and run with the land.

• The Property will be limited in use to a commercial, for-profit business and subject to property taxes.

• Prohibited uses include: a single- family residence, multi-family residence, group home or any other type of residential and/or living facility, public storage building, junk yard, salvage yard and/or wrecking yard, automobile parking lot or garage (except to be used by the business located on the property), tattoo and/or body piercing business, sexually oriented business, any government or welfare use. Off-premise billboards or advertising signs are prohibited on the property.

 The former fire station has been vacant since the Brownwood Fire Department moved out and took possession of a new fire station in 2015.

Later that year, council members approved the sale of the former fire station to the then-Brownwood Economic Development Corp. to market the property.

In other business, council members:

• Approved on first reading an ordinance adopting the city’s $35.34 million budget for the 2018-’19 fiscal year. The council will approve second and third/final readings later this month.

• Approved ordinances on first readings levying taxes and setting utility rates, fees, rentals, licenses and permits.

• Approved the Brownwood Municipal Development District’s budget.

• Approved a rate review settlement. According to the settlement, the average residential customer will have an increase of $1.06 a month or 1.94 percent; average commercial customer, increase of $3.20 a month or 1.21 percent; average industrial customer, $82.93 a month or 1.61 percent; and average transportation customer, increase of $82.93 a month or 2.11 percent.

• Approved a variance request to all the sale of beer and wine at the Food Plaza store at 2800 Southside. The variance request was required because of a change in ownership.