The ‘Classic Clint’ TXR Railway Locomotive 11 will make its way around the area, showcasing a paint scheme envisioned by a TNW train operator and a pair of local design teams.

TNW Owners Burk and Robert Murchison, as well as CEO Paul Treangen and COO Judd Davis attended Wednesday’s unveiling, which also served as the second annual company barbecue contest, featuring several members of the Brownwood community as competitors and judges.

“About three years ago, we decided we were having a bit of an identity crisis,” Davis said. “Under the leadership of Wade Hoffmant (vice president of marketing and sales), we started a new branding initiative to tell people who and what TNW is. In doing so, we developed our new logo and asked our employees to come up with a new paint scheme for our locomotives. We had several great submissions, but we narrowed it down to just one.”

Eric Chavez, a train operator for TNW, said he came the idea for the scheme while propping up his dirty work glove and noticing the trails of light it made while coasting down a railroad.

“Many years ago when I was switching, I would get my dirty glove and put it on the railcar while the train was moving. It would go up and down and create this wave,” Chavez said. “I thought that is pretty cool. One day, we were given this opportunity to come up with a scheme, I thought I’d put it in there and it worked out. I had the easy part. I just put it on paper.”

From there TXR contacted ASAP Design and Willie’s T’s, both from Brownwood, to take Chavez’s vision and make it into a workable design. ASAP Creative Arts Director Jonathan Dunlap, who recently designed the ‘Tracking Progress’ exhibit at the Martin and Frances Lehnis Railroad Museum, looked back to a love he shared with his father for locomotives to create the once-in-a-lifetime project.

“It was interesting. We had to find a ways to work around scaling,” Dunlap said. “When you’re working that big on things, you have to take what they give you and make the best of it. It this case, it was an easy approach. We just had to go out and physically look at the locomotive and see just how big it was.

“My father was very much into model railroads and railroads themselves, as was my grandfather. They passed that love they had for locomotives to me and it kind of fell into place with some of our partnerships and the people we work with where a lot of the projects as of late have involved the railroad and its influence on Brownwood.”

The ‘Classic Clint’ engine was named after the founder of TNW Clint Murchison, whose children and co-owners Burk and Robert Murchison attended the ceremony. Adorned with a plaque to celebrate its founder, the ‘Classic Clint’ will travel throughout the area along the various tracks owned by TNW Company.

“We would not be here without the vision and support of our owners,” Davis said. “Robert and Burk, it gives me great pride to dedicate TXR locomotive 11 to the honor of your father Clint Murchison. Locomotive 11 will forever be known as the Classic Clint.”