Steve Fryar, write-in candidate for Brown County judge in the November general election, said in a press release he has challenged Republican nominee Paul Lilly to three debates — but Lilly isn’t accepting the challenge.

Fryar said the debates will be at 5:30 p.m. Sept. 25, Oct. 9 and Oct. 16 at the Adams Street Community Center.

In an earlier interview, Lilly said he will not participate in any debates and repeated that statement Saturday morning. “We’re not going to debate,” Lilly said. “If he wanted to debate, he should’ve done it in the primary.”

Lilly said he has not actually heard from Fryar about debating. “He has not even reached out to us,” Lilly said. But even if Fryar does contact him about a debate, Lilly said, the answer is still no.

Fryar said in the press release, “he has stated that he will not debate me. This is really a shame because I believe the citizens of Brown County deserve to know who will be running our county’s business at the county commissioners court.”

Fryar said he has spoken to representatives of radio stations KXYL and KOXE about moderating the forum but has not received a confirmation from either station.

If Lilly does not participate, Fryar said, “we’re still going to run it just like a debate. I expect nothing less than the same format we had in the primaries. There would be one candidate to ask the questions of.”

Fryar said if neither radio station agrees to provide a moderator, “we’ll have an open discussion” at the debate.

Fryar said he hasn’t contacted Lilly directly about the debates, saying he doesn’t have Lilly’s phone number. Fryar also said he can’t contact Lilly directly by social media because Lilly has blocked Fryar from Lilly’s Facebook page.