The Brown County Museum of History will celebrate its 35th anniversary by honoring 35 local people and entities who have played a role in both the useum’s life and have supported local history.

 At 7 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 18, the museum will welcome honorees and guests for champagne and refreshments.

 “We want to recognize those who have helped support the preservation of history in our county,” said museum board president Dion White.  “Honorees range from museum volunteers, to our public figures who support the mission of the Museum, to citizens who have been passionate about sustaining Brown County’s heritage in a variety of ways.”

Tumbleweed Smith, who does the radio program “The Sound of Texas,” was also chosen to be honored because of his commitment to capturing the stories and voices that are part of local history.  “I have done literally hundreds of stories about Brownwood and Brown County,” said Tumbleweed, who has interviewed fascinating Texans for 50 years.

 He has created the largest private collection of oral history in the United States.  “I can always count on some real characters from this area,”  he said.

 Tumbleweed Smith, whose real name is Bob Lewis, is a newspaper columnist as well as radio producer.  He has received numerous awards, including being inducted into the Texas Trail of Fame, and most recently the Gold Award of Excellence from the Communicator Awards.

 “We are so pleased to have Tumbleweed come to Brownwood so we can express our appreciation for his love of our local and Texas history,” museum director Wanda Ferguson said. “He and each person to be honored understands the importance of preserving this heritage for the next generation.” 

 Friends and family of honorees are invited to attend the event. 

Honorees are:

Pat Coursey

City of Brownwood 
Mayor Stephen Haynes
Emily Crawford, City Manager
Councilman Jerry DeHay
Councilman H.D. Jones
Councilman Larry Mathis
Councilman Draco Miller

Brown County

Judge Ray West
Commissioner Joel Kelton
Commissioner Wayne Shaw
Commissioner Gary Worley
Commissioner Larry Traweek

Special Project Volunteers
Steve Blake 
Dr. Eric Morrow
David Cole
Ken Harris
Myrna Wright
Bill Hamilton
Dale Wheelis
Barbara Barrera
Peggy Gottschalk
Dr. Carl Bodiford
Alexia Bienek

For Preserving Local History

Mike Blagg
B.R. and Doris Teague
Roberta Stegemoller
Hank Hunter
Eric Evans
Carol Spratt
Debbie Morelock
Dr. Robert Mangrum
Clay Riley
Frank Hilton
Jim Roller
Mary & David Stanley
Jeff Tucker
Pierce Burns
Dr. Paul Burns
Tom and Jamie Munson
Brownwood Public Library-History & Genealogy Branch
Richard and Jaye Hodges
Janice Bradley Garrett
Nick Bradley 

Pat O’Bryan

VFW Post 3278 and Auxiliary and Central Texas Veterans Memorial

James Masters
Jane Masters
Dr. Stephen Kelly
Harold Stieber
Joyce Leidig

Media Partners

The Brownwood Bulletin
KBWD/KOXE, Bonnie & Don Dillard
Wendlee Broadcasting, Mariann & Rex Tackett