Steve Fryar, write-in candidate for Brown County judge in the November general election, repeated his challenge to Republican Party nominee Paul Lilly to a debate. Lilly has once again said no.

Fryar issued a press release stating he is a “legitimate candidate … let’s debate the issues.”

Lilly responded, “I stand by my comment last week. He is not a legitimate candidate and I’m not debating him.”

Fryar has challenged Lilly to three debates — the first one Tuesday — at the Adams Street Community Center. Lilly has said he will not debate Fryar because the time for debating was the March primary election campaign, when Fryar did not run.

“The citizens of Brown County deserve to know the differences between Mr. Lilly and myself,” Fryar stated in the release. “My opponent continues to dodge me and my supporters by refusing to debate me.

“ … Just because a candidate wins the primary election does not mean their race is over. The race is decided ultimately in November.

"Mr. Lilly states that I am not a legitimate candidate and my running as a write-in candidate is unethical.”

Fryar said the Texas Constitution and the Texas Election Code give him the right to run as a write-in candidate.

“I have represented the Republican party for over 34 years by voting in each Republican primary running for state representative in 2000, attending multiple Republican Party of Texas Conventions as a delegate, helping other Republican candidates get elected,” Fryar state in the release.

Fryar also said he is a sustaining member of the Grassroots Club of the Republican Party of Texas, has worked with Republican leadership to pass laws and attended the inauguration of President Trump and Vice President Pence “and much more.”

Fryar asked what Lilly has “done for the Republican Party of Texas or Brown County?”

Fryar, who has been criticized on social media for having the word “Republican” on his campaign signs, said in the release that Lilly’s campaign signs  “do not even say Republican on them and they are blue. Are you a real Republican or just another RINO?”

Fryar challenged Lilly to “stop trying to make this race about party affiliation and let the voters decide for themselves who the most qualified person is to be our next county judge. It is either myself with over 38 years of business experience to lead the business of Brown County, or you with zero business experience.”