Victory Life Academy has been a family affair for Kim Hull, who teaches reading in grades K-5.

Hull and her husband, pediatrician Dr. Truett Hull, are the parents of six, including triplets who graduated from VLA. One of the triplets also teaches at VLA. Their two youngest children, who the Hulls adopted from Ethiopia, currently attend VLA.

Hull, a graduate of the University of Texas, is from Austin, and her husband is from Fort Worth. The family moved to Brownwood in 1990, where Truett Hall joined a practice.

Kim Hull was a stay-at-home mom who did not enter the field of education until a few years ago, and VLA has been her only teaching job. She said she’s taught “on and off” at VLA for about seven years,  

It takes Hull a few minutes to explain who is who among her sons and daughters.

Their oldest daughter, Emily Hull Griffin, 31, manages a Starbucks in Dallas. Griffin did not attend VLA.

The 26-year-old triplets are Molly Valencia, who teaches in a classroom next door to Hull’s classroom; Gibson Hull, an attorney in Austin; and Tucker Hull, who recently relocated to Washington, D.C. after working for the Austin Symphony.

After Emily and the triplets grew up, Hull and her husband realized they weren’t ready to stop being parents and adopted two Ethiopian children — daughter Liya, who is a VLA freshman, and son Finn, who is in the fourth grade at VLA.

“We got our kids through high school and we just love children,” Hull said in a recent interview at VLA. “So we just felt we had some parenting years left, God willing, and so we just decided that we just wanted to start over.

“It’s really been amazing for our family because they’re beautiful children.”

Once she explained her family, Hull talked about her teaching job at VLA.

“I just love it,” Hull said. “I just always loved children. The children are just wonderful. It’s a blessing to be able to spend my time with them all day long. They’re really great kids and this is a great place to teach.”

Hull said said her students are bright and articulate and have supportive parents.

“I love my kids,” Hull said. “Sometimes I think a lot of people do things that they don’t enjoy. It’s hard for them to get up in the morning. The children are just what pull me here. They’re awesome.”

VLA “is such a wonderful place to be every day,” Hull said. “The teachers are passionate about teaching. They love their kids. We’re blessed to be able to offer education through the lens of the scripture. That’s important to me.”

VLA principal Debbie Hagood said via email that Hull  is a gifted, excellent and committed teacher who is “passionate about her profession. … children feel loved and valued knowing the Mrs. Hull sees each one as a treasured gift.”