Monday, Sept. 24

• Theft — 300 block of Early Boulevard. Caller stated her purse was stolen from a store last week. Caller wanted to get a report done and faxed to her so she could refill her medicine. Investigator reviewed store video and never saw the caller enter the store. Investigation to continue.

• Child abuse — caller stated she was trying to pick up her daughter from her sister. Caller didn’t show up to pick her up at school. Aunt lives in Brownwood. Options provided to mom for civil standby in Brownwood.

 • Panhandling — 900 block of Early Boulevard. Caller reported people in van with “homeless “ written all over it trying to get handouts. Officer talked with people and assisted in finding a location they could stay the night and provided some options for them to locate further help tomorrow.

• Suspicious — 130 Sudderth. Caller heard someone screaming in apartment, then subject ran outside screaming. Officer located female who stated she had a bad dream and was now having an anxiety attack. Subject calmed down and returned to bed.

Sunday, Sept. 23         

• Alarm — 1200 block of C.C. Woodson, building secure.

• Suspicious — 130 Sudderth. Caller hears yelling and screaming from apartment. Officer checked apartment, lots of kids playing.

• Terroristic Threat — 1800 block of Early Boulevard.

Saturday, Sept. 22

• Suspicious person — 900 block of Terraha. Subject in area going door to door asking for a ride. Officers checked subject, sent subject on his way.

• Abandoned vehicle — 300 block of Early Boulevard, manager stated vehicle parked on lot for three weeks. Options provided. 

• Fire call — 100 block of Early Boulevard, fire department responded. Fire put out, fire marshal investigating.

• Civil matter — 600 block of Early Boulevard.

• Community relations — Early school district, officer out walking the school campuses.

• Medical emergency — 300 block of Early Boulevard,  Lifeguard transported.

• Harassment — BRMC-ER. Mother of child transported by EMS receiving threatening text messages from child’s father.

• Noise nuisance — 1065 Early Boulevard, noise coming from apartment. Officer warning residence to turn it down.

• Traffic stop — Lucas Drive. Officer could smell a strong odor of marijuana coming from vehicle. Officer searched the vehicle and located marijuana along with a handgun and some other possibly synthetic drugs that will be sent to the lab. Tac Wesley Stewart, 26, arrested for possession of marijuana and unlawful carrying of a weapon.

Friday, Sept. 21

• Alarm — 1300 block of Sherry Lane. Building secure.

• Medical emergency — 300 block of Early Boulevard, Lifeguard transported.

• Community relations — Early school district. Officer conducted walk-through on all campuses.

• Juvenile problem — 100 block of Sunrise. Child screaming and running between cars while school letting out. Child brought to a curb and sat down to wait for parent.

• Agency assist with Brownwood police — sbject fleeing on foot.

• Civil matter — 900 block of Early Boulevard. Custody matters. Options provided.


Thursday, Sept. 20

• Accident — 300 block of Early Boulevard, two vehicles, no injuries. Citation issued to the at-fault driver.

• Missing person — 200 block of Sudderth, caller stated her child did not arrive at day care from school. Officers worked with Early school district and located child who accidentally got on wrong bus.

• Trespassing — 700 block of Longhorn, biological parents of a foster child were threatening to come take the child.

• Suspicious call — 300 block of Early Boulevard. Vehicle parked at mall for more than a week. Dispatch attempted to located owner. Still no luck.


Wednesday, Sept. 26

• Alarm — 3300 block of North Highway 183. Agency assist, building secure.

• Traffic hazard — C.C. Woodson/Early Boulevard, signal light malfunction.

• Loose livestock — 2000 block of North Highway 183.  Numerous goats on TxDot property.

• Found property — 100 block of Early Boulevard, caller found wallet. Owner located.

• Reckless driver — East Highway 377, vehicle passing cars at high rate of speed. Unable to locate.

• Assault — 600 block of Early Boulevard, caller assaulted by her mother. EMS transported victim. CPS notified. Investigation being conducted.

• Domestic disturbance — 130 Sudderth, Fire/Ems responded. Male out in parking lot being aggressive toward others. Subject held down by a bystander, arrested for public intoxication.

• Missing person — agency assist with Brownwood police. Officers attempted to located subject at a residence. Subject was located. Call cleared.

Tuesday, Sept. 18

• Suspicious call — Park Drive. Caller observed a vehicle pull into the pasture by McDonald field. Officer unable to locate anything.

• Reckless Driver — 1300 block of Early Boulevard. 18-wheeler  tailgating a vehicle. Truck locate and stopped. Driver was tired. Given warning, driver stated he will pull over at store ahead.

• Alarm — 100 block of Early Boulevard, building secure.

• Theft — 900 block of Early Boulevard.

• Unsecure premises — 1000 block of Early Boulevard. Officer located business with back door left open. Business owner located and responded.

• Domestic disturbance — 600 block of Old Comanche.

Monday, Sept. 17

• Assault — 1300 block of Early Boulevard. Caller got into a fight with her ex-boyfriend, refused to cooperate with investigation.

• Reckless driver — South Highway 183. Vehicle swerving and driving high rate of speed, officers unable to locate.

• Medical emergency — 1200 block of Eastwind, Lifeguard transported.

• Domestic disturbance — 200 block of Early Boulevard,  verbal argument. Both parties have calmed down.

 • Suspicious — 300 block of Early Boulevard, caller found a bullet on ground at an entrance to building. Caller was worried it meant a threat.