BANGS— Bangs Mayor Eric Bishop confirmed Bangs City Administrator and Public Works Director Scott Perry submitted his letter of resignation.

Bishop said he received Perry’s letter of resignation, but avoided commenting further until he meets with Perry sometime Monday in order to insure a smooth transition until the city can find and hire Perry’s replacement.

Bishop’s response comes hours after Bangs City Council member Carrol Wells announced Perry’s resignation while giving the Bangs Economic Development Commission an update of council activities before the council’s monthly meeting at 7 p.m. Monday.

“This is official. It was officially turned in, Scott Perry is no longer the city administrator or the public works director,” Wells said. “He has resigned. The mayor made the comment he will step in and take over as city administrator until such action is taken.”

Before his resignation, Perry served as city administrator since the city council approved his appointment last May. He served as public works director since 2016, filling a position vacant for 6 months until his hire, and is the son of retired Glen Rose City Superintendent Roy Perry. Perry oversaw the hiring of three city police officers, which only had Chief Jorge Camarillo patrolling the streets for four months. Using his experience as public works director, Perry said updating the city waterlines was another priority and relished in guiding the city through year two of its master plan.

“For a long time, the city was just trying to keep its head above water and keep operations moving,” Perry said. “That was because there was not a solid, comprehensive plan. How do I know what I’m supposed to do today when I don’t know where I am going to be five years from now? In this business, five years is not a very long time.”

Before coming to Bangs, Perry was the public works director for the City of Hico and worked for Texas Utility Services for 15 years, taking the job shortly after graduating from high school.