Five days of nearly steady rainfall ended Friday night, leaving behind a nearly full Lake Brownwood that had crept within about 18 inches of spillway level and to just over 90 percent capacity.

The weekend was expected to be dry, and the next rain chance was likely to be Tuesday night and going into Wednesday, Adam Wiley of the National Weather Service in San Angelo said.

There is a 50 percent chance of rain Tuesday increasing to 60 percent Wednesday, with a half-inch to an inch of rain possible, Wiley said.

From Monday through Friday, a total of 4 to 6 inches of rain fell in the Brown County and Lake Brownwood area, Wiley said.

“You were kind of on the northern line of heavy rain,” Wiley said.

John Allen, general manager of the Brown County Water Improvement District, said Friday he did not believe the current rainfall was going to push the lake to spillway level. But Allen said he believes that lake will reach spillway with with winter and spring rains.

“We are in so much better shape than we were two weeks ago. It’s amazing,” Allen said, referring to a period when the lake was more than 7 feet low.

The lake is open and all boat ramps are open, Allen said.