Things you might or might not know about Nellie.

She was born at noon on Friday, June 10, 1927 in Rockwood. Nell Jean Bledsoe (pronounced Bledsaw). She was born on the Dixon family farm to Lonnie Leon Bledsoe and Emma (Emmy) Dixon Bledsoe. She had one older sister, Eva Dean Bledsoe Mount (Dean Dean)

She had a younger sister Zell Jane Bledsoe Haynes. Nell was born in 1927 and Zell was born in 1928. She grew up in the Baptist Church. She attended Shields Elementary School.

Her favorite color is and always was red… The redder the better. Her favorite flower is a red rose. Dad always sent her red roses for every occasion… Birthday, Anniversary, Valentine… That tradition continues, even today… She fell off of a car in 1st grade and was run over by a wagon wheel, breaking her pelvis. She was required to be body cast for a year. That caused her to miss most of 1st grade. That put Zell and Nell in the same grade together for the rest of their school years. She loved Zell with her whole heart for the rest of her life. She accepted Christ around age 12 and was baptized in Home Creek between Shields and Santa Anna. Nell and Zell attended Santa Anna High School and Graduated in 1945. Their graduation song was, “Accentuate the Positive.” Nell and Zell attended the Stamps Baxter school of Music in Dallas for several years while attending High School and College. Zell played the piano for the quartet and Nell sang background. Nell and Zell attended Daniel Baker College in Brownwood. They lived in a dorm at the current Brookshire's location. Nell dated a guy named Punk in college. I don’t know why, but I think that’s cute. She met a young army guy at a drive-in soda shop on Austin Avenue. The soda shop was across the street from the Austin Avenue Church of Christ.

Current location of Dr. Comoli’s Optometry Office. The young army guy was Alvin Herman (Pete) Seider. They dated a while and were married in Santa Anna at the Methodist Parsonage on Aug. 24, 1949 by the Rev. Ernest H. Wiley. Little did she know what she was getting herself into… She went from 2 calm sisters to…. Emma, Erma, Alvina, Erna, Minnie, Betty, Henry, Ben, Edwin, and Alvin. All of sudden she was thrown into My Big Fat Greek Wedding with English as a second language. German was the primary language. Nell was Baptist and Pete was Lutheran… They compromised and joined the Methodist Church.

She Graduated from Howard Payne in 1949 and 51. With a degree in Home Economics and Elementary Education. The teaching degree was a lot handier than the home economics degree. She has the last Daniel Baker College ring from 1949. She had 3 sons: Jackie 1951. He only lived a few days. Bobby Will Seider, was born Oct. 17, 1952 and Dixon Dee (Dickey) Seider, Feb. 26, 1963.

Zell had one son, but she passed away a week after his birth. Zell passed away on the 4th of July. As a result Nellie hates celebrating July 4. Mom helped raise Zell’s son John… as a matter of fact her mom, dad and older sister also passed away on the 4th of the month. Mom passed away on All Saints Sunday morning, Nov. 4, 2018. She taught school for 35 years. She taught in: Pottsville, Bellville, Evant, Comanche, Rising Star and Cisco. She started teaching with her best friend Nona Weidebusch and retired teaching with her best friend Betty Cooper. She started teaching in Cisco in 1969 and retired from teaching in 1987. She was a volunteer Pink Lady at Brownwood Regional Medical Center for almost 15 years, 5,000 total hours. Nellie has one grandson, Michael Pete and one foster-grandson John Cummings. The loves of her life are Hunter Allen Seider, Hayden Pete Seider and Wyatt Lamar Dee Cummings. The Great-Grandsons. She never stopped loving them, she is just watching over them now.

She also had a granddaughter Shelly Agnew and a great-granddaughter Ivey Young and three great-great-granddaughters Arabella Alldredge, Cameron Alldredge and Beckett Young. She has survived unimaginable obstacles…She is a multiple cancer survivor, just to mention one thing. She loved being at her house and watching the boys. She would sit on the patio and say, “Don’t we have everything so nice?”We would like to thank all of you for coming out to help us celebrate her day today. Do something nice for someone this week in her honor. Thanks.