Owner pulls flaming truck from blaze

First responders from the Brownwood Fire Department and Early Fire Department spared multiple classic and custom vehicles from a structure fire Wednesday morning.

Brown County dispatchers received a call at approximately 10:40 a.m. with multiple fires at the 1000 block of 12th street in Brownwood inside a shop owned by Walter Allgood.

“I had a heater going on in there and a piece of paper blew in there and started up a fire,” Allgood said. “I went to move it, and knocked over a gallon of thinner and it went up into flames then.”

Once Allgood saw a late model Chevrolet truck he was restoring catch fire, he immediately threw it in neutral chained it to his Chevy 2500 and towed it to safety as flames melted its front tires, wires and battery.

“I was working on this one here, getting it ready to paint when all of this happened. I was cutting all of the rocker panel out trying to get it ready to put a new one in,” Allgood said. “I had to get it out and didn’t want it burning. I got most of it, but I have doors and fenders in there that it burnt up so I am going to find some fenders and doors. I was just trying to get everything out of the way. I’m glad it didn’t burn the whole shop up and didn’t burn any of the cars. It got the wiring, battery, tires and all that, but now I just have to clean it all up and start all over.”

Allgood was treated at the scene by Lifeguard paramedics and released at the scene. He was thankful for the quick response, which he believes saved his home and priceless classic and custom cars. Brownwood Fire Marshal Buddy Preston said the fire fighters responding to the scene faced many challenges in preventing the fire from spreading to nearby homes.

“They did a great job. The cards were stacked against us because there was already a good seed in the fire,” Preston said. “It’s a mechanic paint and body shop. He had a lot of paint thinner, paints and other flammable liquids in there. They went in and got it knocked down pretty quick … The way we plan it every time is to go in, do our jobs and save as much lives and property as we can.”