Vanessa Narvaez, the 21-year-old Brownwood woman charged with capital murder in the death of her 2-year-old son last week, told an investigator she picked the child up and slammed him to the floor twice, CPS documents filed in the Brown County District Clerk’s office state.

Anival Ivan Narvaez sustained a severely fractured skull and died at 6:03 p.m. Nov. 19 during emergency surgery at Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth, the CPS documents state.

Narvaez, who has been in the Brown County Jail since her arrest the same day, appeared with her husband, Daniel Narvaez, at a brief CPS hearing Monday afternoon in 35th District Court. Associate Judge Cheryll Mabray ruled that the couple’s two surviving children — a boy who will be 4 next month and a 16-month-old boy — are to be placed in temporary CPS custody. The boys are in a foster home in another county.

No bond has been set for Narvaez.

In December 2016, CPS removed Anival, then four months old, and his brother, then 2, from their parents’ home and placed in foster care, CPS documents state. The removal happened after CPS received a report that Anival sustained a growth plate fracture and his parents could not “provide a reasonable explanation as to how the injury occurred,” documents state. 

The allegation was found as “unable to determine” as the older boy was blamed for “pulling and twisting  his brother’s arm while he was in a door way bouncer,” documents state. “Services were completed by the parents and they were reunited with the children and the case was closed.”

The boys were returned to their parents in October 2017.

Brownwood police have revealed few details about their investigation into Anival’s death. 

  Police, firefighters and Lifeguard Ambulance were dispatched at noon Nov. 19 to an apartment at the Villas Apartments, 4235 South U.S. 377, for a medical emergency involving a child, police said.
The child was transported to Brownwood Regional Medical Center in critical condition with head injuries inconsistent with information provided by the mother at the scene, police said,
The child was flown to Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth, where he died.

According to CPS documents:

A CPS investigator went to Brownwood Regional Medical Center after being notified Anival was being treated for a head injury in the emergency. Medical staff expressed concerns that the injury was consistent with inflicted trauma such as shaken baby, and detectives had already arrived.

The CPS investigator learned Vanessa Narvaez initially called the BRMC operator, who told Narvaez to call 9-1-1. Narvaez called 9-1-1 at 11:51 a.m., said “Daniel” and the call was disconnected. Narvaez called back at 12:03 p.m. indicating Anival was non-responsive and emergency assistance was needed.

The CPS investigator spoke with Daniel Narvaez, who said he was out getting lunch and came home to find his wife holding the unconscious Anival. Daniel Narvaez said his wife told him Anival had climbed on a 4-foot-tall dresser and fallen off.

Daniel Narvaez told the investigator he and his wife tried to revive Anival by placing him in a bath before calling 9-1-1, but then “changed his statement and said they did not put him in the bath but splashed water on him to wake him up,” documents state.

The CPS investigator asked an emergency room doctor if Anival could have sustained his injury by falling off a 4-foot-tall dresser. The doctor replied that it was “not likely unless someone hit Anival halfway down with a baseball bat,” documents state.

The doctor told the investigator he has treated children kicked in the head by a horse who did not sustain such a severe fracture.

Narvaez told Texas Ranger Jason Shea she “picked Anival up and slammed him down on the floor not once but twice,” CPS documents state. “Law enforcement then took Mrs. Narvaez to the home and had her re-enact the incident.