The May school district and Brown County Sheriff’s Office are looking into a possible agreement between the two entities to hire a new sheriff’s deputy as a school resource officer for May schools.

Sheriff Vance Hill told county commissioners Monday about the potential plan, in which the May school district would pay three-quarters of the total annual cost of $63,636 including benefits of hiring a new deputy for the role. Hill proposed that the sheriff’s office use the deputy on the streets in the summer months and pay the remainder of the new deputy’s salary and benefits, which would be just under $16,000.

May superintendent Steve Howard, who with the May school board president attended the commissioners court meeting, said he anticipates the funding figure will go before the school board Wednesday.

Hill and Howard said the hope is for a school resource officer to begin working in early January.

If May school board members approve paying the cost, it will be necessary to find the nearly $16,000 in the sheriff’s office’s budget, Hill said.

There are places in the budget to possibly pull money to cover the sheriff’s office’s portion of the cost including money left over from unfilled jailer positions, Hill said.

The sheriff told commissioners he is part of a security board formed by the May school district. “It is the recommendation of that board for the May ISD to hire a full time Brown County deputy as a school resource officer,” Hill said.

May school board members recently discussed developing a new school security plan. The board appointed a committee to develop a plan, which named as priorities having a security guard, armed staff and security cameras and fencing.

At Monday’s commissioners court meeting, Howard noted the distance of the Mays school district from other portions of the county and the length of time it could take to get a deputy to May in the event of trouble.