The following were booked into the Brown County Jail between 8 a.m. Friday and 8 a.m. Wednesday:

Richard Crawford, 21, San Saba, bond withdrawal for arson

Candice Edwards, 38, Browned, traffic warrant, public intoxication

Alonzo Fuller, 53, Bangs, sexual assault, parole warrant

Aubrey Garcia, 37i, San Angelo, DWI

Jacob Goldsboro, 21, Brownwood, assault

Nathan Hughes, 56, Brownwood, DWI

Joseph Lambatsos, 24, DWI

Richard Lopez Jr., Brownwood, 27, assault

Debra Netherton, 36, Brownwood, unrestrained dog

Jose Alejo, 46, Brownwood, driving with invalid license

Jason Brown, 44, Brownwood, 10-day commitment/weekender

Joseph Burns, 27, Brownwood, sit out city fines

Larry Caperton, 50, Early, unlawful possession of firearm by felon, possession of a controlled substance

Javier Carbajal, 34, May, disorderly conduct

Brent Carmack, 52, Brownwood, DWI

Clifford Denison, 24, Brownwood, lay out fines

Johnathan Fenton, 26, Brownwood, deadly conduct discharge firearm

Claudio Henry, 30, Brownwood, possession of marijuana

John Karakaris, 29, Brownwood, possession of marijuana, traffic warrants, failure to appear

Debra Lennon, 55, Alva, theft

Jerry Neiss, 55, Brownwood, DWI

Bryan Penn II, 26, Brownwood, bond withdrawal for assault, failure to appear

John Pitzner, 62, Brownwood, public intoxication

Dustin Roberts, 28, Brownwood, public intoxication

Dorothy Schaeffer, 38, Brownwood, possession of a controlled substance

Michael Strand, 36, Brownwood, terroristic threat

Demetria Valenzuela, 32, Brownwood, possession of a controlled substance

Donnie Walters, 48, Brownwood, possession of a controlled substance

Whitney Williams Jr., 27, Brownwood, traffic warrant