A Brownwood man was sentenced to life in prison earlier this week for sexual assault of a child, and in an unrelated case, testimony continues in a separate sexual assault trial.

Brown County Court-at-Law Sam Moss sentenced Luis Rivera Cintron, 33, to life in prison after Cintron entered an open plea before Moss.

Moss heard testimony elicited by prosecutor Chris Brown and defense attorney Tommy Adams before sentencing Cintron.

Cintron, who was indicted as a repeat offender, was accused by indictment of the sexual assault of a teen male relative in 2017. Cintron was convicted of aggravated sexual assault with a deadly weapon in 2003, the indictment’s enhancement paragraph states.

In the other case, Dustin Aguirre, 19, is standing trial before a jury in 35th District Court for sexual assault and prostitution. Aguirre is accused by indictment of sexually assaulting a now-19-year-old woman in 2017. Aguirre is also accused by indictment of offering to pay the woman for sex.

In a complaint filed earlier by Brownwood detective Brian Rice, Rice followed up on an allegation that Aguirre sexually assaulted the girl in 2017 in his truck behind a strange building facility in Early. As part of the investigation, Rice learned Aguirre, who worked with the girl, had been sexually harassing her at work. The girl told Rice that Aguirre sexually assaulted her after picking her up to take her to a party, Rice’s complaint states.  

Prosecutor Elisha Bird has elicited testimony from numerous witnesses including other females who told of being in difficult relationships with Aguirre. One of the young women said Aguirre was attempting to have sex with her against her will, and she got away only by telling him she’d have sex with him if he’d get a condom. When Aguirre went to buy one, the young woman testified, she managed to run away.

Another young woman said she began dating Aguirre in high school and he began forcing her into acts she did not want to commit, including sending nude photos videos of herself. The woman said Aguirre made her believe he would report her for what she was doing if she did not continue — and that it would be her, not Aguirre, who would be in trouble.

Another woman testified that she had felt trapped in a sexual relationship with Aguirre while they were in school and described being in a “mental prison” Aguirre caused.

District Judge Steve Ellis held jurors later than normal Thursday. Rice began testifying for the state at 5:30 p.m.

Aguirre is defended by Jud Woodley of Comanche.