EARLY— Local wine enthusiasts can rejoice as the Spirit of Texas Winery unveiled its newest concoction – a re-imagination of its blush wine, which had been sold out since January.

Spirit of Texas Winery patrons began trickling in just after the start of the unveiling, which is the first of many changes coming to the winery in the near future.

“This is very special because we actually ran out of it in January,” said Brian McCue, who owns the Spirit of Texas Winery with his wife Moira. “We’ve had a lot of people really waiting for this date to arrive. We’re excited. It’s a new version of our most popular wine.”

Although returning one of the area’s favorite wines, McCue said this version has its own unique properties. He described the new blush as wetter than its processor and having a slightly more tart flavor and worked with Wedding Oak Winery Winemaker Seth Urbanek to create something reminiscent of the previous blush while also offering patrons a new experience.

“We worked with him on replicating it as close as we could. It has been our most popular wine since we’ve opened,” McCue said. “We met with him about a month ago to do the final testing. We had a couple of trials of different versions and when we hit the one we really liked that is the one he bottled for us … This one is definitely a little bit juicier. It has a nicer bouquet and maybe even a little tartness to it. Everyone who was one of our blush followers before is really going to enjoy this blush.”

The new blush is not the only change coming to the winery. McCue said Spirit of Texas will soon begin breaking ground on its vineyard and hopes to have the first phase of a proposed three-acre vineyard in the coming months.

“We will have about 300 vines planted out here by the first week of April,” McCue said. “We planted a few out here our first year open and we didn’t have time to finish everything on it, but we have a number of people who said they will volunteer and come out and help us plant. Three-hundred is not too much anyway. When we get to planting three acres, that will be a different story. It’s going to be a lot of work just getting those up because we’re going to have to have our trellises and irrigation set up.”

As for now, the McCues are proud of the wines they crafted with Wedding Oak Winery. One patron who took notice has been Jordan Webster, who said she has been an ardent supporter of Spirit of Texas Winery.

“I really enjoy it. It’s smooth and really refreshing. It’s a really good sit-on-the-patio type of drink,” Webster said. “I really enjoy it. I’ve been coming here for a long time so I follow them on Facebook and Instagram. When they said they were coming out February 14th with a new wine I thought that would be the perfect way to try it out.”

Webster said being able to meet the person responsible for crafting their wine and having the ability to give feedback is an invaluable experience for any wine aficionado and that is what keeps her coming back.

“It’s really cool. They are so good about sharing the entire story – the whole process if you ask,” Webster said. “They’re happy to share any information if you want. They can tell you exactly what’s in it. Exactly how it was made and they’re so sweet. They feel like they’re family when you talk to them and that’s why I come here.”