BANGS— The Bangs Municipal Development District approved allocating $10,000 to funding bleacher shades for the event center in the hopes of luring major youth softball and baseball tournaments.

Four of the seven MDD board members attending Monday night’s meeting unanimously approved providing $10,000 of an estimated $30,000 project with the Bangs City Council previously approving $15,000 while the parks and recreation department approve the remaining $5,000.

“It gets really hot sitting out there in the bleachers and we don’t have any trees to sit by either,” said Rhonda Louviere, MDD board member.

The funds provided by the BMDD are contingent to the city securing the project for $30,000 or less. The idea first became public when Councilwoman Carrol Wells presented the plan on behalf of Mayor Eric Bishop, who did not attend the Feb. 15 Bangs City Council meeting. During the meeting, Councilman Waymond Sheppard supported installing the $30,000 in the hopes of luring teams and leagues to have tournaments at the events center is difficult because of how low it required attendees to sit in shade-less stands. The funds needed from the city to purchase the bleacher shades would come from those previously allocated to the currently vacant city administrator position.

In late 2018 the parks and recreation department approved allocating $3,000 an outdoor movie screen as part of a plan for the Bangs Community Events Center to host a quarterly movie in the park night. In January, members of the Bangs Economic Development Corporation board proposed taking an unused portion of the events center and converting it into an RV park to meet recent demand, but nothing has materialized since the board last met in early February.

“Colorado City has one at their park, but if it’s done in the events center then there would have to be some really strict [rules],” said Mike Stephens, BEDC board member. “If you have kids down there, then you really want to be careful about having an RV park by that. If you have a state baseball tournament or even a regional one, and people wanted to rent, then it would be an ideal spot … It would not take much advertising for it to get out.”

The BMDD also:

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