Heather Land’s comedic performance brought a much livelier tone to this year’s Everyone Deserves a Birthday fundraiser for the Brownwood Pregnancy Care Center fundraiser.

With previous guests including Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow and former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, Land’s mixture of relatable jokes and faith-based musical performance kept the hundreds in attendance enthralled throughout the night as part of the Pregnancy Care Center’s largest annual fundraiser.

“Goats, which I think they are potentially the Brownwood mascot because there is like one in every yard,” Land said. “Is that in the place of dogs? ‘Goats, we just have goats here.’ Does everybody here do metal work? There are metal steer everywhere and I don’t understand why. It’s just weird.”

While lambasting Brown County residents’ love of all things Walmart or gleefully incorporating the city of Early into an easy pun, Lands seemed to pick up many of the area’s mannerisms in her short stay. She also highlighted her background as a single mother of four and did not shy away from stating the importance of organizations such as the Pregnancy Care Center.

“Thank you guys for having me for such a wonderful cause that I’m so glad to be a part of what you’re doing here in your huge city,” Land said. “Do you know what you have here in Brownwood? Each other – that’s it. You got nothing else. As a matter of fact, all of you guys look, how do you say in French -related, you all look like you’re kin folk.”

Pregnancy Care Center Executive Director Amanda Towns estimated more than 600 attended Thursday night’s event. The center is unique because it provides services to all women, regardless of income level, pregnancy assistance free of charge.  Along with providing pregnancy testing, providing pre-natal vitamins education for soon-to-be mothers, the care center also allows mothers who make regular visits to acrue points and purchase items such as clothers, cribs, high-chairs and other items related to rearing newborns. The proceeds from the banquet went entirely to the pregnancy care center.

“It’s wonderful. We had about 600 guests tonight. This was a great way for the community to come out and support the pregnancy care center and the families we serve,” Towns said. “We’re really grateful. We need to expand our building and we’re hoping to have that done in the next five years. This is going to go toward the ability to do that without debt or government funding or things like that.”

With previous guests such as Huckabee and Tebow, bringing in a comedian seemed risky when it was first announced last November. Towns said the decision to bring in Land was hardly a gamble and she never had a doubt whether Land would catch on with a Brownwood audience.

“I’m proud of our gamble. We’re excited the people that are here were able to laugh,” Towns said. “The goal of this is to have an entertainer who allows us to relax and laugh at ourselves and her and to celebrate life. We’re just here to celebrate tonight. It’s a party.”