Following President Donald Trump’s approval of a request by Gov. Greg Abbott for FEMA grants funds for damage from last fall’s flooding, Brown County residents may finally receive some disaster relief.

Greg Goddich, district coordinator with FEMA, will hold a seminar outlining the guidelines as part of Presidential Disaster Declaration, which coverings 33 Texas counties including Brown County.

“[Goddich] will be in and provide all of the information that they have on the upcoming grant,” Creed said. “I understand 33 counties have been approved and Brown County is one of them. Greg will be here at 1 p.m. to brief us on what’s going on. As far as what all he has, I don’t know, we’re waiting like everybody else.”

Last fall, Brown County Judge Paul Lilly said the presentation would take place inside the courtroom inside the Brown County Courthouse and take approximately 1 hour. Although not providing a specific amount, Lilly said two weather events involving torrential rain had an economic impact for many in Brown County.

“If it’s remotely possible to recover any funding that we were out as of those two weather events, then we will certainly apply for that,” Lilly said. “If any of the commissioners would like to attend it’s at 1 p.m. in the county courtroom. I assure you if there is one federal cent we can recover, then we’re going to apply for it.”

Commissioners also:

Received a report from County Auditor Jennifer D. Robison, including a $100,000 profit from a recent CD investment. Unanimously approved a request from James Masters with the Veterans Affairs Office to declare two printers surplus and disposable because they have no value. Unanimously approved hiring Leslie Redburm for a county administrative position.