Wednesday, March 6

• Abandoned property — Brin and Avenue C in Brownwood, RV and two mobile homes have been abandoned on county right of way.

Thursday, March 7

• Unwanted person — East Highway 377, subject walking in road in altered mental state. Transported for mental evaluation, then cleared by medical staff. Subject arrested for possession of a controlled substance and evidence tampering.

Friday, March 8

• Public nuisance — Avenue C in Brownwood. Deputy was investigating environmental violations and saw violations at additional property. Owner contacted.

• Hit and run — 3M parking lot.

Saturday, March 9

• Traffic stop — near Cross Cut, subject arrested for possession of a controlled substance.

• Burglary of a habitation — CR 603.

• Aggravated sexual assault — CR 604.

• Traffic stop —North Highway 183/CR 334. Subject arrested on two warrants and for failure to identify.

Sunday, March 10

• Theft — West Main Boulevard, subject said relative took his property.

• Accidental discharge of firearm —FM 2126, male and relative were shooting at rifle range when rifle jammed. Firing pin struck round, and male was struck in neck by shard from a casing.