In the upstairs section of the Lyric Theatre’s performing arts studio, managing director Eric Evans stood among the theatre’s 2,000-plus costumes Thursday morning.

Evans noted the protective coverings draped over large sections of the costumes — necessary because the roof has been leaking when it rains and needs to be replaced. About 100 costumes have been lost to water damage, Evans said.

The cost of a new roof will be $25,000.

The performing arts studio is the area adjacent to the actual theatre and includes space for the green room, dressing room and rest rooms for cast members, and upstairs, the costumes.

Some friends of the Lyric have donated $10,500, and the Lyric is seeking additional donations to cover the balance.

The Lyric’s March newsletter states the Lyric is seeking 150 donors to contribute $100 by:

• One-time gift of $100

• Four gifts of $25 over the next four months

• A larger gift if you are able

“When we secured the space several years ago, a professional assessment of the roof indicated that we should be in adequate shape for the coming years,” the newsletter states.

“Though we knew it would eventually need repairs, it would not be needed immediately. Heavy rains in 2018 have revealed to us that we cannot wait to make these repairs. This is a $25,000 problem for us and repairs must be made now.”

The Lyric has already arranged for Lydick-Hooks Roofing to do the job, which will take four days. Evans said he hopes the company will be able to get to the job before the Lyric’s next production, “The Odd Couple,” opens April 5.

If donations don’t cover the entire cost, it will have to come out of the Lyric’s 2019 budget, Evans said. 

Evans said it became obvious about four weeks ago that the Lyric can’t put off having the work done.

“It’s turning into an emergency,” Evans said.