Homeowners suspicious of arson.

BANGS— Firefighters with Brownwood, Lake Brownwood and Bangs saved a home from a quickly spreading blaze but could not spare an abandoned trailer and tractor.

Homeowner Dusty Humphries said received a call at work informing him of the fire, and was still in shock as he watched firefighters pour water on the smoldering objects that only hours before were his guest trailer home and tractor, but his primary place of residence remained intact but a small amount of damage to its undercarriage.

“I came from work and just pulled up a few minutes ago. My daughter (Jody) told me. [Saving the home] is excellent because it’s all we have,” Humphries said. “There was nothing flammable in there. Someone had to set the fire and it burnt the tractor. There was nothing flammable in the house, but they said the front room – when the fire reached it – exploded.”
At approximately 2:30 p.m. Monday afternoon, Brown County dispatch received a call of a quickly spreading fire. Chatter over the scanner seemed to indicate the fire started with the tractor, then spread to the trailer. Another trailer, which the Humphries live in briefly caught fire, but first responders put it out before it could spread. Although relatively dry conditions, Jody Humphries said something seemed suspicious about the fire.

“I opened the curtains and went to change clothes. They knocked on the door, said it was on fire and it went up fast. There was nothing flammable in there – nothing no power lines, nothing.” said Jody Humphries regarding the vacant trailer home.

Brownwood Fire Chief Ed Wood said the cause of the fire remains unknown until Fire Marshal Buddy Preston can begin an investigation. Brown County Sheriff Vance Hill was also at the scene, along with a sheriff deputy, but there is no indication whether they are involved in the investigation.

“We’re still trying to sort through the details of exactly what happened,” Wood said. “When I showed up, they had an abandoned trailer house on fire, along with a tractor and a lot of salvage that was around it. We also had a doublewide mobile home with a small fire underneath it that was a direct cause from this fire. We got the doublewide put out and now we’re working on the salvage side of it. Once we able to really start focusing on the investigation and start seeing exactly what the cause was we will know a little bit more.”.

 While admittedly dry, Wood said patches of grass and other foliage managed to slow the fire, but with a little more wind the fire would have been much more difficult to quell.

“If we didn’t have the green up, this would have been a hard one to catch. We’re right there in that it’s still dry, but we have some green that is helping us out,” Wood said.